Game of Thrones: Home review S6. E2

Most of Game of Thrones‘ second episode of this sixth season — Home — was a very slow burn with a uneventful obligatory check-ins on the numerous Westeros subplots. But the final 20 minutes? Oh so amazing, especially for longtime fans who finally got some vindication as two rulers of realms were killed while a third returned from the dead.

For most Game of Thrones fans, The Wall subplot was definitely the highlight as we didn’t have to wait a third episode into the season to learn Jon Snow’s fate. But first, Ser Davos and Jon’s loyal Night’s Watch had to deal with those pesky traitors weapons drawn awaiting their surrender. What Davos might lack in fighting prowess, he certainly understands warfare as Eddison Tollett returned to The Wall with some major backup — Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju) and the Wildlings, including their giant.

The giant splattering a Night’s Watch traitor against the wall was a great bit and definitely a statement maker in terms of ending a fight quick.

There was little progression with the Arya, Tyrion and Cersei subplots. Tyrion took a trip to the dungeon to release Daenerys’ dragons from their chains and Arya took another step forward with her training. Cersei got an apology from Tommen while Jaime and the High Sparrow exchanged very thinly veiled threats. The Lannisters are right in the middle of two pending wars against Ellaria and her Dorne army and the High Sparrow’s cult. Jamie and Cersei probably need a lot more people. On the bright side, they do have a menacing Mountain on their side…

Also of note, after a year off Bran was back continuing to learn the ways of the Force.

Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The futureā€¦the past. Old friends long gone.

With the help of The Three Eyed Raven (Max Von Syndow), Bran saw his father, uncle and aunt as children as well as a curiously talkative Hodor before whatever caused him to become a one word mammoth. Hopefully at some point, we’ll get some cool The Godfather Part II style flashback where Bran sees his parents, brothers and sisters so we could see some of the old cast members one more time.

And while it might take a while, the evil bastards on Game of Thrones always eventually get what’s coming to them.

game of thrones - balon and euron greyjoyTheon left Sansa to return home to the Iron Islands. There, Theon’s always ridiculously mean-spirited father Balon is browbeating his sister, Yara, for daring to try and rescue him.

It seemed like Yara was going to toss Balon off that very precariously positioned bridge during the rainstorm, but it was her long rumored dead uncle, Euron, who confronted Balon and gave him a heave-ho to his death. Yara presumed she’d become the new leader, but she’s going to have to earn the title. I’m rooting for her as the Iron Island needs a sensible leader for a change.

It was so fitting that the smug, pompous Robb Stark betraying Roose Bolton was killed by his bastard Ramsey in a manner he never saw coming. With the birth of his new son, Roose sought to assure Ramsey his slot was all good. Ramsey decided he’d ensure that was the case and plunged a knife in Roose’s gut in almost a perfect callback to how Roose killed Robb.

That would have been the highlight of the episode if Ramsey didn’t have to ruin a perfectly good moment by releasing the hounds on his stepmother and newborn brother. It wasn’t like killing Roose was suddenly going to make everyone like Ramsey.

At least we got a more pleasant ending. With Davos’ prompting, Melisandre attempted to resurrect Jon. To think this crazy wacky Westeros world could actually put Davos and Melisandre on the same page with him encouraging her to do all that nutso witchcraft he warned Stannis about.

But the big revival was a bust and one by one, Tormund, Eddison, Melisandre and finally Davos left. Ghost, the ever faithful direwolf stayed behind and he got a doozy of a surprise as Jon popped up — Jon is alive!!

Not stretching out the is he or isn’t he Jon subplot was smart. There’s more than enough going on beyond the wall to kill time with everyone gazing at a prone Jon. While a slow starter, Home certainly picked up to deliver another strong episode to get Season 6 rolling.

Rating: 9 out of 10