The Flash: Rupture review S2 E20

OK then. The main character seemingly getting wiped from existence is not what’s supposed to happen when he makes a noble, grand gesture to save his city. Of course, this is The Flash we’re talking about so fading into nothingness fighting for others isn’t something new.

There’s only three episodes left in this season and Barry’s actually in a worst position to stop Zoom … assuming he’s still alive. More on that in a bit.

Cisco whipping up a Flash hologram to deter Central City crooks is exactly the kind of ingenious temporary measure that makes Team Flash so invaluable to Barry’s efforts. But Wells warned the gang the hologram wasn’t going to be a long-term solution. Barry needed his speed back and Wells was convinced re-enacting the particle accelerator accident in a controlled environment was just the trick to fix Barry.

the-flash-rupture-iris and barryWe’re so used to the hero blindly doing something ridiculously stupid and dangerous because they’re the hero and that’s just what heroes do, but this episode worked because Barry acted realistically.

Willingly getting struck by lightning just doesn’t sound smart no matter how noble the purpose so it was good to see Barry struggling to risk his life on a plan that might not work or worse empower another round of super villains.

With Joe, Henry and Wells at STAR Labs, Barry had his two father figures and actual father in the same place to offer their insight on his decision. It was a nice subtle touch that Joe didn’t push Barry in either direction. Iris helped further complicate matters by finally expressing her feelings. I liked that Iris’ declaration didn’t undermine her genuine love for Eddie as she simply said she wasn’t available when Barry shared his feelings.

Zoom was back in Earth 1’s Central City ready to establish his reign on a new world now that his biggest threat was vanquished. We finally got some insight into why he appeared to naively be hoping Caitlin would fall for him again. He’s hoping to tap into her darker Killer Frost side so she can see they’re not so different after all. While Zoom seems an unlikely dark side mentor, I’m curious what at this point could push our Caitlin over the edge considering she already lost her husband and rebound fling.

The Flash - Rupture - RuptureSide note: I’d love to know what Zoom is doing when he exits stage right. In his absence, he grabbed one of his Earth 2 minions, Rupture, to cause some mayhem. Rupture had a personal vendetta as he was seeking payback on Cisco for killing his brother, Reverb.

Yep, Rupture was the E2 version of Cisco’s annoying brother Dante. But after Rupture gets outsmarted by hologram Flash, Zoom slaughters a dozen cops and kills fires Rupture via hand through chest in the worst severance package ever. Seeing someone who has his brother’s face is enough to make Cisco want to restore their relationship. Even though it hasn’t been nearly as developed as some of the other subplots, Carlos Valdes’ performance made this feel like a major moment.

Now realizing there is no other way to beat Zoom, Barry agrees to Wells’ plan. Naturally things don’t go as smoothly as planned. Wally and Jesse cracked the protective chamber lock just in time to get caught in the particle accelerator wave that left them both unconscious. This definitely appears to be foreshadowing the imminent arrival of some help for Barry. On one hand I’m really excited about seeing Kid Flash and Jesse Quick debut, but I kind of want Barry to find some way to beat Zoom on his own. Still, the writers have definitely given Wally and Jesse enough incentive to want to go after Zoom too.

But worse, when the lighting subsided and the dust settled, Barry has vanished with nothing but the tattered remnants of his suit left behind. Yeah, we know Barry isn’t dead, but the reactions from Team Flash were top notch from Joe and Cisco’s utter disbelief, Iris’ breakdown to Wells astonishment his plan didn’t work. With the one person capable of stopping him now ashes who’s going to stand up to Zoom now?

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Zoom’s increased threat level forced Team Flash’s hands with disastrous results in a bleak episode where hope nearly seems lost in another strong episode building to the season finale.