Captain America: Civil War earns 5th highest all time opening

Third Captain America film beats Star Wars: Force Awakens in a Saturday figure.

The film many experts predicted having a decent shot at dethroning Marvel’s The Avengers as the highest grossing entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in somewhat short, but Captain America: Civil War’s tally was still good enough to become the top non-Avengers titled film.

Iron Man 3 previously held the distinction with $174 million, but Civil War’s $181.7 million comfortably surpassed it. Given the rave critical reviews and fan reaction, the figure is almost disappointing. If anything it shows just how sensational The Avengers’ then record $207 million opening really was back in 2012. The Avengers: Age of Ultron remains has the fourth best opening at $191M. At this point it’s fair to suggest the only thing capable of dethroning The Avengers and possibly beating Jurassic World’s second place record of $208 million will be the Avengers: Infinity Wars set for 2018.

Still, Civil War’s haul easily makes it the best received film of the Captain America trilogy. The opening weekend already outgrossed the total of Captain America: The First Avenger ($176M) and should quickly catch The Winter Soldier’s $259M haul. And its impressive $61M haul on Saturday was good enough to beat Force Awakens’ tally of $56M. Jurassic World still holds the best Saturday number at $69M, but Marvel/Disney has to be happy Jurassic World is the only film in the Top 5 all-time opening weekend charts. Worldwide, Civil War has already earned $678 million

For those who lose sleep over it, Civil War easily outpaced the $166 opening weekend of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The rest of the Top 5 played out as expected. The Jungle Book was second with $21.8 million taking its total to $289 million. Mother’s Day fittingly was third with $9 million to bring its overall haul to a still weak $20.7 million. 

The Huntsman: Winter’s War added $3.5 million taking its gross to $40 million. Keanu continues to take a box office catnap with a modest $3 million. It’s now earned a total $15 million good enough to equal its budget.