Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker review S6, Ep.3

Traitors were killed, Cersei and Jamie begin their power play and a long forgotten character made his return in the worst way possible.

Oathbreaker was a tour around Westeros episode with a number of minor developments. In a sense, it was a letdown from the more eventful previous two episodes, but this was a necessary building block installment that appears to be paving the foundation for very important long term developments not just for this season, but the series in general.

Arya continued her training with The Waif and Jaqen H’ghar culminating with her mastering the art of blind stick fighting before Jaqen restored her sight.

game of thrones oathbreaker DaenerysSam and Gillie are heading to Old Town so Gillie can stay with her unofficial in-laws and raise Baby Sam while Papa Sam continues learning the ways of a Maester. I know some of y’all were losing sleep over Sam and Gillie, but this quick check-in offered nothing more than a constantly sea sick Sam making deposits to any handy vase. Is it weird in this show that someone throwing up grossed me out?

Daenerys didn’t have much going on with her subplot. She was taken to the Dothraki Widow’s Home where she learned she’ll have to receive consideration to stay with them. Daenerys storyline so far hasn’t been all that exciting and that dull subplot has seeped its way to Tyrion, who’s back at Meereen trying to get Grey Worm and Missandei to play a drinking game with him.


Varys, however, was up to far more productive matters, bribing a Sons of the Harpy ally into ratting them out and revealing their co-conspirators.  Basically everyone Daenerys ticked off in establishing her Meereen queendom. Not exactly groundbreaking or surprising stuff, and something that’s not especially clear why that’s important since none of these neighboring cities have her anyway.

With Ser Gregor as their super intimidating tough backup, Cersei and Jaime crash a Small Council meeting. While the rest have little to say, Olenna Tyrell can’t resist getting a jab in Cersei’s confusion over not being the queen anymore.

game of thrones oathbreaker Jon SnowEvery episode needs at least one stinging remark from The Queen of Thornes. Uncle Kevan is still in no mood for Jaime and Cersei’s foolishness over striking back at Dorne and ends the meeting.

Now on to the good stuff. Jon isn’t sure what to make of his resurrection. He confides to Davos he only did what he thought best and was killed for it. Tough lesson. After getting himself together, Jon greets his last remaining allies Eddison Tollet and Tormund Giantsbane. Aside from Tyrion, humor is in short supply on the show so it was nice to see Jon having a moment with his buddies. After performing his Lord Commander duties of executing the four traitors including Ser Alliser and Ollie, Jon’s decided he’s had enough of this position and gives Eddison control of Castle Black declaring his Watch is over or ‘Jon Snow Out.’

It’s as good a time as any for Jon to leave so he can finally start helping his siblings who desperately need his aid. Although predictably for this series, which seems to kill off every hint of a joyous Stark clan reunion, at least one sibling looks like his life is about to be ended within a few more episodes.

game of thrones oathbreaker Osha, Smalljon and RickonJust like Joffery before him, Ramsey gets too many wins too often. One of the show’s big flaws is the bad guys rarely take meaningful losses along the way before their abrupt death. A week after killing his father and taking control of Winterfell, Ramsey gets the gift of a new ally Lord Umber (Dean S. Jagger), the Smalljon who presents him with Rickon Stark and his Wildling ally, Osha. Umber seemed like a likable enough sort as he defiantly refused customary niceties with Ramsey, but bringing in the head of Rickon’s Direworlf Shaggydog instantly put him on my GOT hitlist. You don’t kill the direwolves man!

The most intriguing subplot though focused on Bran. The Three Eyed Raven showed him young Ned Stark and six allies seeking his kidnapped sister Lyanna, holed up in a tower by Rhaegar Targaryen. She’s being guard by two of the King’s Guard, including the famed Ser Arthur Dayne. This was a historic moment in Robert’s Rebellion as Ned solidified his legend by defeating Dayne, but as Bran learns, Ned was about to be killed when Howland Reed stabs Dayne from behind and Ned finishes the job. Bran wants to see more, but the Raven wants Bran to learn the full story … but in time. Bran suffered from a slow storyline in Season 4, but his is already proving to be one of the most entertaining this season. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for Ned Stark flashbacks?

Rating: 8 out of 10

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