Ultimate Maniacs Ultimate Warrior WWE Defining Moments figure pictures

Somewhat surprising to some collectors, Mattel is releasing another Ultimate Warrior figure. Not that Warrior doesn’t merit more figures as he was one of wrestling’s most colorful characters and he actually changed his look enough that Mattel could crank out enough variants for years and still not cover them all.

ultimate warrior DM

It’s more the outlet for this Ultimate Maniacs inspired look. The figure is meant to compliment the Macho Man Ultimate Maniacs figure that’s scheduled to be included with Elite 44.

While Macho Man is a regular figure in the Elite line, Ultimate Warrior is coming in the Defining Moments line. That’s Mattel’s ultra high end line for WWE figures. I feel like this is backwards as Savage is the one that has more Defining Moments friendly accessories from his fringe jacket, cowboy hat, matching shirt and sunglasses.

Mattel has been getting a bit sketchy in regards to truly delivering the effort worthy of the Defining Moments price tag. Early on in the line, Mattel could justify the costs. The Ric Flair figure came with a detailed cloth robe with fur accents and the WCW world title belt. ultimate warrior DM 2

The Macho Man figure had a soft leather jacket with fringes, sunglasses and a hat and the previous Ultimate Warrior Defining Moment figure had a very elaborately painted soft leather trench coat. Looking at this new Ultimate Warrior in pics provided by a UK retailer, it’s pretty hard to see what warrants the additional $5.

Sure the figure has a new headsculpt, but we get new heads through the various lines including the cheaper Basics. The detailing on the singlet is nice, but the Elite 26 figure is arguably even more complicated.

The wristpad and boot tassels are still plastic, but even replacing those with cloth wouldn’t cover the $5 unless those are some really, really amazing sunglasses.

What do you think? Ridiculous overcharge or does it not matter because you’re a huge Ultimate Warrior fan?