5 key recruits for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

New members for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow squad

While it had its ups and downs in its rookie season, it was safe to say DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was trending upwards by the end of the year. The writers seemed to get a better sense of the characters and juggling an ensemble superhero cast. With Vandal Savage dealt with for the time being, the team’s squad goals will definitely be changing as well as the Legends roster.

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We already know some of the cast won’t be back for Season 2, but with time and history needed protectors, Rip Hunter’s going to need some help protecting the various time streams. Who should he add to the Legends squad for Season 2? As we’ve seen with Arrow and now The Flash, Season 2 has traditionally been a strong season for the DC TV shows. Here’s five picks that would help ensure Season 2 is legendary.

I limited the list to characters we’ve already seen in the greater DC TV universe so while characters like Static, Blue Beetle or Booster Gold would fit in just fine with our time traveling heroes, the talent pool has to have already appeared. And since the Waverider can’t fit everyone I’ll also break down who the new recruit could replace.

Vixen arrow - taken review - vixen DC legends of tomorrow

Vixen is a rare assured hero in the DC CW-verse. She gets who she is and understands her powers and doesn’t exactly lack for confidence. With her power to channel the abilities of any member of the animal kingdom, Vixen offers a unique power set that is unlike any other potential team member.

Replaces: Hawkman. For most of the season it seemed like Hawkman’s true power was getting stabbed. Flying effects are rough for a show with a smaller budget, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have Hawkman grounded so often either. Best to let him fly off into the sunset.

Pied Piper/Hartley Rathaway

The Flash - The Sound and the Fury - Hartley Rathaway DC legends of tomorrow

Considering all the fun this season has been with a pair of Flash Rogues, what better way to ensure the show has that dissenting voice looking at the opposing viewpoint? Yes, Hartley was reformed in the altered Flash timeline, but Rip could go to the previous timestream to get the more villainous version willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Like Heat Wave and Captain Cold, Hartley has a long distance ability and more of a tech-based weapon that ensures he’s capable of handling himself in pretty much any situation.

Replaces: Captain Cold –  Hartley might not have grandiose plans to rob Central City blind, but his prickly know-it-all attitude would quickly grate on his teammates forced to endure him thanks to his considerable genius. Imagine the bickering tech discussions he’d have with Ray Palmer.


Constantine Arrow - Haunted - Matt Ryan as John Constantine DC legends of tomorrow

Ever since Matt Ryan took his NBC Constantine character to Arrow fans have been clamoring for more appearances in the proper DC TV universe. Legends would be an ideal format for him. Constantine doesn’t play well with others and he offers the kind of snarky personality the show will be lacking with Captain Cold off the team.

Constantine also works on a power scale since he’s a regular guy capable of using magic, but isn’t the end-all, be-all of magicians. His inclusion won’t mean that every other week the team will need to tangle with a magical threat, but it does open the possibility for the show to feature other types of villains from the DC Universe.

Jesse Quick

the flash jesse quick - DC legends of tomorrow

Granted, I’m hurrying this pick along. Pun intended. Jesse hasn’t even shown off any superspeed abilities on The Flash, but clearly it’s coming. But as big as Central City is, we don’t need three speedsters since we know Wally is getting superspeed as well. To avoid a logjam, let’s move Jesse to Legends where she can fill the void of a quick-moving speedster. This way, Jesse can learn on the fly and her inexperience could be a progressive story arc once she joins the team.

Replaces: Kendra/Hawkgirl. The writers never managed to get a handle on Kendra and tied her down character wise to either Carter or Ray and then eventually both without ever fleshing out her personality. Let her take a season off and figure out the kind of hero she wants to be and let her return Season 3.

Martian Manhuntersupergirl falling review - Martian Manhunter DC legends of tomorrow

Supergirl is heading to the CW, but National City really doesn’t need two super powerful aliens saving the city. Instead, let’s send Hank Henshaw aka J’onn Jonzz aka Martian Manhunter to Legends where he can be the introspective powerhouse.

Legends really needs that big gun and Atom’s Iron Man shtick is a poor use of his powers so let J’onn be the muscle/master of disguise and field leader when Rip is at the Waverider.  Thankfully, J’onn’s weakness to fire is simple enough that he wouldn’t be unstoppable.

That’s my five. Who would you like to see in the existing universe join the Legends team?