Captain America Hydra Soldier figure review

Hydra Soldier is another strong Marvel Legends army builder

Despite their unceremonious end in Agents of SHIELD, it’s still a pretty awesome time to be a Hydra soldier. They’ve got some of the best henchman garb going today and in the latest shameless money grabbing plot twist, they’ve added a certain well known Avenger to their ranks.

Timing is everything as I’d been dragging my feet on going back and reviewing my Marvel Legends Hydra soldier. And let’s face it, nothing stokes more interest than a little controversy. The Hydra soldier was part of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier line where Hasbro cracked the code of using comic book likenesses for characters with light movie based figures. That formula has worked well for Hasbro ever since. For now, let’s break down one of the better army builders available in the line.

Packaging: This packaging is the definition of no frills. There’s nothing you haven’t seen if you’ve grabbed a Marvel Legend figure in the last three years. Although I do like the more prominent Marvel Legends logo on this older style packaging. We get a nice clear window to spot all the accessories and — a potential Build a Figure part swaps. The token bio is pretty worthless though.

Likeness: Thanks in part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe influence, the look of a Hydra soldier has changed in recent years. Thankfully, Hasbro stuck with the modernized classic look and not the black Stormtrooper version design from the movies.

The skirt and chest straps that blatantly make an ‘H’ along the front are replaced by web gear that accomplishes the same effect. With this figure it’s all about the sinister looking head sculpt. He’s a generic grunt and just needs to look constantly annoyed, which this figure accomplishes well.

Captain America Hydra Soldier - scale with Machine Man and Captain America

Scale: The Hydra Soldier uses the same regular base body we’ve seen earlier like Black Panther and Hawkeye. Hydra isn’t hiring the best of the best so they blend right in with the average sized characters and will be looking up at larger scale figures like Captain America.

Paint: Too often figure displays can get overwhelmed with reds and blacks so it’s nice to have a guy like the Hydra soldier completely throw off the mix.

The metallic green paint used is a nice contrast against the yellow accent and the red eye pieces look especially beady eyed against this color scheme. The yellow web gear matches up pretty closely to the yellow plastic used for the gloves and boots. Captain America Hydra Soldier - portrait

My figure had an oddly painted nose section. The normal look is one flat piece while this figure sports a pointed nose mask section.

It’s a minor variant and so minor I wouldn’t have noticed if my previous figure wasn’t right there. Since that’s hardly an issue for me, I liked the solid work on the yellows, a notoriously hard color to have fully covered on figures.

Articulation: This body is one of the more fluid of the available parts in the Marvel Legends line. While I didn’t have any problems with my Black Panther and Daredevil figures, the Hydra Soldier had a degree of floppiness to it in the chest section. The dainty feet can occasionally make standing poses challenging, but otherwise the Hydra Soldier has all the well balanced levels of articulation we’ve come to expect from the line.

Accessories: Multiple weapon options is exactly what you want for an army builder and the HS obliges. He comes with one blaster and one slightly oversized sniper rifle. The Hydra Soldier can be posed to aim either with both hands, which is appreciated. I’m not especially crazy about the guns as they are a bit too reminiscent of goofy gimmick-laden guns with quick firing action or some sort.

At least Hydra has an excuse for missing their targets at this rate. Had the figure been released in 2016 you’ve gotta figure Hasbro would have also included another headsculpt to provide some variety in your army display.

Captain America Hydra Soldier - surrounding Black Widow
The Hydra Soldier comes with the left arm of the Mandroid. This is one of the more underwhelming BAFs we’ve gotten from Hasbro. It was too great a departure from the original outfit and just looks like a bulker suit of Iron Man armor.

Captain America Hydra Soldier - getting beat down by Captain America

Worth it?  Unless you order a full case you’re going to pay around $35 for these guys on the secondary market now. If you stumble on some at a convention or at a random yard sale I definitely recommend buying in bulk.

Where to find it? You can grab him still from secondary resellers on or battle the hordes on eBay.Captain America Hydra Soldier - looking up

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

It’s hard to complain about such a solid army builder. This is one if you can find still even at higher prices, it’s worth picking up.

Captain America Hydra Soldier - Baron Von Strucker with Hydra soldiers

The Marvel Legends line is one of my favorites to collect so I’ve done a slew of them. You can check out the Odin All-Father wave figures including Thor, Scarlet Witch and Sentry; the Ultron wave with Ant-Man, Giant Man and Wasp and the Red Skull Onslaught wave with Captain America, Mockingbird and Grim Reaper.