X-Men: Apocalypse has $64M debut, Alice not a wonderland

X-Men Apocalypse fails to match up to predecessors

Wonder if Bryan Singer is regretting that X-Men: Apocalypse dig about the third film in a trilogy always being the worst one after all? Clearly intended as a dig at Bret Ratner’s reviled X-Men: The Last Stand, the throwaway line in Apocalypse proved prophetic for the latest X-Men film.

En route to a $65 million Memorial Day weekend haul thus far, X-Men: Apocalypse definitely didn’t prove to be the strongest of the franchise.

If the numbers hold, Apocalypse will have the fourth weakest opening of the nine X-Men films. Singer’s last X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, performed more like a mega blockbuster with its $90 million opening. The cruelest irony for Singer is that before this year, the best opening for an X-Men film was Ratner’s Last Stand. That debuted to a staggering $102 million opening weekend.

Last Stand also held the distinction for highest grossing of the series with $234 million, which stood until Deadpool arrived. Lauded for its rare ability to get mutants right on the big screen, Deadpool beat both Last Stand’s records with a $132 million opening and a $362 million gross. Apocalypse is going to have to do some major work to come close.

It was disappointing returns for another sequel. Alice Through the Looking Glass managed $28 million in its debut. Alice in Wonderland proved a major success when it debuted in 2010 to $110 million so this is a major turnaround for the sequel. Potentially star Johnny Depp’s legal issues may have prevented a few folks from checking out the film. It’s a stronger likelihood that people just weren’t interested in an Wonderland sequel.

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Coming in third place was last week’s champ, Angry Birds, which added another $18 million to its total. That takes its gross now to $66.3 million. That’s still below the film’s $73 million budget. Captain America: Civil War captured the fourth place spot with $15.1 million taking it to $372.6 million. That was good enough to get past Deadpool as the year’s highest grossing film domestically.

In fifth place was Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, bringing in another $9.1 million. The Seth Rogen/Zac Efron sequel has now brought in $38.3 million in its second week. By this point, the first Neighbors earned $90 million so this looks to be third under performing sequel in the Top 5.