Wolverine completes Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut wave

Hasbro reveals Wolverine for new X-Men Marvel Legends wave

For a change the rumored lineups proved true. Hasbro revealed Wolverine as the final member of the previously unknown Build a Figure wave. Now we get our first look at the X-Men’s most popular member and the first piece of the new BAF Juggernaut.

Wolverine was overdue for an updated figure on his classic attire.

I’m pretty happy Hasbro is releasing the figure with a new body sculpt. Hopefully it will be smaller than the regular figures to fully convey Wolverine’s small tank build.

Wolverine BAF Juggernaut wave fullAs one of the most popular and iconic X-Men, Wolverine gets a new body sculpt and dons the look of his trademark brown and tan costume. After premiering back in Uncanny X-Men #139 (1980), the brown and tan suit outfitted Wolverine until 1991 and was his longest continuous costume.

Wolverine in package BAF Juggernaut waveSpeaking of powerful and iconic brown-costumed characters from the pages of the X-Men, fans will without a doubt recognize the Build A Figure in this assortment. Check back in the next few days for the complete reveal of this unstoppable villain!

Here’s the rest of the lineup.

Ironically, this particular version of Wolverine’s brown costume was first released in the Toy Biz Marvel Legends series 6. That wave included three other members of the new wave in Cable, Deadpool, Phoenix and also Juggernaut. That remains one of the all-time favorite Toy Biz era Marvel Legends series as it featured iconic looks of characters that held up pretty well. While it certainly was time for an upgrade for all the figures, I was a bit surprised characters like Cyclops, Storm or Gambit missed out on a revised classic edition.

The BAF choice is also somewhat interesting. Back in the old days, Juggernaut was just a super sized figure that didn’t need to be assembled piecemeal. He’s been one of the old Toy Biz figures I didn’t necessarily immediately consider as in need of an upgrade. For folks who wanted a larger version, the equally suitable Marvel Select version was another solid alternative.

Since we’ve been so X-Men starved in the last few years under Hasbro’s Marvel Legends run, I’m hoping this wave is just to help collectors catch up. And in the future we’ll see more mutants sprinkled into regular assortments consistently from here on out. Now if only Hasbro could get us an updated Fantastic Four…