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Hasbro reveals BAF Juggernaut

Full glimpse of X-Men foe Juggernaut

Hasbro has slowly been revealing the lineup for its much anticipated first dedicated X-Men wave in years. It seemed like collectors were going to remain disappointed due to rumored issues with Disney and 20th Century Fox putting the X-Men in license limbo. But now Hasbro Pulse revealed the fully assembled version of the next Build-A-Figure wave — the Juggernaut.

Juggernaut is a pretty interesting choice for the BAF considering there’s probably a few more X-Men foes like Sauron, Nimrod, Bastion or Caliban that could warrant the format. Juggernaut has been one of those rare characters who largely avoids bad figure versions. There was one unfortunate Toy Biz version, but Juggernaut typically has at least one great figure representation no matter the format. Even the Marvel Universe version is one of the standouts of that line.


I’ve a sneaky suspicion that based on the excitement of collectors to be able to add improved versions of the X-Men to their shelves the BAF really didn’t matter. So while the Juggs may not be significantly different from the Toy Biz version or the Marvel Select figure, a lot of folks will have him anyway just from buying the entire wave. Instead of being the incentive to lure collectors into completing the wave, he’ll will be the bonus accessory. Hasbro-Xmen-Marvel-Legends-Juggernaut-Promo

One thing immediately apparent is the Hasbro version looks to have less floppy parts than the Toy Biz version. There’s only so much that can be done to make the figure look unique and still capture that iconic visual. This version looks to be a solid size. Even if it’s not looking eye to eye with Hulk figures, which would place Juggernaut right at the appropriate height.

Granted super strength, durability and unstoppable momentum by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Juggernaut first debuted back in X-Men #12 (1965). Since then Juggernaut has clashed with the X-Men on many occasions, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Marvel Legends fans can collect the X-Men Marvel Legends 6-Inch assortment this Fall to build their very own Juggernaut figure!

Presumably we’re going to see the full wave assembled in another month at the San Diego Comic Con. There’s already rumors of a second line with a lineup even more impressive. That wave is rumored to be: Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Polaris, Dazzler, Shatterstar and Sunfire. If this wave largely features classic John Byrne/Dave Cockrum appearances I’ll be a very happy collector.