WWE Natalya figure review Mattel Basic

WWE star Natalya gets strong updated figure

Although initially lost in the Divas Revolution excitement, Natalya has come roaring back as one of the key members of the renamed WWE Women’s Division. A former Divas champ and longtime member of the division, Natalya has received several figures from Mattel and her latest might just be her best.

Packaging: We’re at the halfway point of the year and I’m still a big fan of the 2016 edition packaging Mattel is using for the WWE line. I’m still digging the vibrant colors, brand appropriate accents and the layout on the back. If Mattel would add bios to the Basic series and add more relevant text to the Elites, they would be perfect.

Likeness: Natalya sports one of the better likenesses of the female figures and possibly one of the best in the entire line. This figure is based on her stint as the dominatrix-esque manager/valet for her real life husband, Tyson Kidd, and Cesaro. Due to injuries that team was shortlived, but they were easily one of my favorites of this era. Natalya’s head sculpt is excellent. Sometimes the Diva figures look good from one angle but not overall. Natalya’s likeness is tremendous from every angle.

WWE Natalya figure review - paint detail

This outfit requires a lot more effort than the standard bra top and tights look we’ve seen on previous Divas figures. Natalya features an all-new sculpt from the studded gloves and bra; the intricate corset with zipper and patterns throughout the outfit. Mattel didn’t cheap out here and the sculptors deserve a lot of credit here.

Since she has a dedicated sculpt, Mattel made Natalya a little stockier than the other Divas figures with thick thighs and arms with some muscular definition to them. In a pinch, I’d imagine customizers could create a pretty decent original look Chyna off this base body.WWE Natalya figure review - flexing


Scale: At 5’5″ Natalya should be shorter than most of her her peers since she’s 5 feet 5 inches. She definitely should be looking up to the 5’8″ Paige and 5’10” Charlotte. Natalya’s hair is throwing off the scale somewhat as her top piece makes her about the same height as the taller women wrestlers.


Although more than a little sexist, Divas sure was easier to type. Natalya should fit in nicely with Cesaro and Kidd, which I’ll add in once I finally get around to reviewing Cesaro and buying Kidd.

Paint: Natalya’s attire is not easy, but the paintwork is exceptional for this scale. I noticed a few paint scuffs along the bra top, but given the amount of detail in this attire, this is some of Mattel’s best work. Even Natalya’s hair with the pink highlights has a better blend than any of the Seth Rollins figures.

Given her legacy, it would have been nice to get Natalya in this attire with pink accents, but this is accurate. Conveying lace is tricky, but Mattel did a good job with this outfit.  The eyelash paint could be sharper — or at least consistent from one eye to the next, but I just can’t imagine finding a better looking one. It’s not something that’s readily obvious unless you’re looking for it though.

WWE Natalya figure review - Sharpshooter to Charlotte

Articulation: You knew this party wasn’t going to stay perfect, didn’t you? Articulation is always the bane of the female figures. Some like AJ Lee, Sasha Banks and Lita manage to overcome the useful downfall for the women athletes, but despite the dedicated sculpt, Natalya still carries most of the legacy issues with the female figure articulation design.

The biggest problem is the shoulder pad. Again, this isn’t supposed to be Natalya in her wrestling attire. This is a valet outfit so while the restrictions from the stiff plastic used there would hinder suplexes or submission holds, that’s really not the intent for the figure. Natalya could raise Kidd and Cesaro’s hands, pound on the mat and lay in a few kicks as needed. In that regard she succeeds, but you’re out of luck if you want a wrestling version. Bonus — no slap hand!

WWE Natalya figure review - fists up

You could take the shoulder pads to have more of a wrestling Natalya, but that would require a lot of work that’s not worth the trouble. If you’re inclined though, Natalya’s bra straps are sculpted on. Nattie’s back and forth knee movement seems even more restricted than the standard female figure.

Natalya has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows
  • mid-torso
  • waist
  • wrist
  • hips
  • knees
  • shin
  • ankle

Accessories: The only possible accessory for Natalya is the dominatrix whip. She didn’t carry that all the time and that’s not exactly something that’s gonna fly with the soccer moms. Otherwise she had everything you’d need for this look.

Worth it? The Basic line really delivers a fair price for the female wrestlers. They have better articulation than the standard male Basic figures and are just a few articulation points off from an Elite. This manager version of Natalya really should be an Elite figure given the amount of detail work so to get her for $10 is a great price.

WWE Natalya figure review - hands on hips

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

It’s key to see this figure as the third member of the Kidd/Cesaro trio not women’s title contender. With that in mind this is a really strong figure and one that should definitely be in the conversation for best of the year in the 6″ scale.

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