Batman Rebirth #1 review

Batman Rebirth marks a fun kickoff to new era

Rest assured Batman fans, DC’s other flagship character in solid hands in the post-Rebirth era. If Scott Snyder wasn’t sticking around to handle the new adventures of Batman, DC definitely found the best replacement in Tom King.

Anyone who’s read King’s work on Grayson could easily attest to his credentials. What could have been an ill-advised attempt at reinventing the first sidekick into a James Bond style character was a fun, lively inspired superheroic take on the spy genre.

Batman Rebirth serves as a symbolic and literal passing of the torch as King and Snyder collaborate on this outing. Again, Rebirth is not a reboot, but these titles are serving as solid entry points to new, old and returning fans alike. That means you don’t have to know in great detail Commissioner Gordon’s stint as the not so Caped Crusader. This is Bruce Wayne front and center.[irp]

King and Snyder craft a very creative take on Julian Day aka The Calendar Man. Playing up on the four seasons, Calendar Man presents a unique challenge to Batman that’s one of those ‘why hasn’t anyone done this before?’ kind of moments.

With the Robin mantle bestowed to his final two wards, The Dark Knight offers a different kind of apprentice role to Duke Thomas. Neither Robin nor Batwing, Duke’s new alter ego isn’t named, but this duo’s dynamic already seems promising and unlike any other Batman/sidekick relationship we’ve seen before.

King also includes some of his signature casual big moment. Those aren’t the superhero bits, but the eccentric billionaire who takes needless physical risks just because he can. King’s Bruce Wayne seems like he’s going to be a lot less stuffy and actually manage to find some enjoyment out of life beyond the billionaire façade.

Artist Mikel Janin (Grayson) takes bold risks with his layouts, which compliment his cinematic flair well. Occasionally those chances don’t pan out, but with such a smooth style it’s never so jarring as to take readers out of the story. On the main title, King will be joined by David Finch and Janin for the twice a month title.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

You had to know DC wasn’t going to let Batman falter with Snyder’s departure and this opening chapter doesn’t disappoint.  King’s Batman looks to be every bit as thrilling and exciting as it was in Snyder’s hands.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment