Awesome Con 2016 Cosplay Gallery Day 2

Second round of Cosplay Gallery from Awesome Con 2016.

Awesome Con 2016 was a lot of fun. After my adventures on Friday, I was fully prepared for more fun on Saturday. Armed with a fresh battery and nothing to carry but the camera, I was all set. As usual, the cosplayers hardly let me down and I got some fantastic shots. Hope you enjoy this cosplay gallery!

In a few cases the cosplayers posed so well I couldn’t help but take a really nice picture.

Awesome Con cosplay Day 2 -group cosplay main

The kids once again helped steal the show for me. I love seeing parents and children cosplaying together. That’s so cool and everyone appeared to have a great time no matter their age.

Here’s the rest of the best. Hope you enjoy. If you see yourself or a friend featured on here, please feel to drop a comment.