Yes we’re getting a Mattel Shockmaster figure

WCW’s would be superstar The Shockmaster is coming to Mattel’s WWE line

In probably the most unlikely WWE exclusive ever, for its WWE San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, we’re getting a Shockmaster figure.

Of all the classic figures we could get Shockmaster is certainly unexpected, but one of the best instances for an exclusive ever.


There was no way this guy was gonna sell in stores. This definitely all but confirms the rumors we’re getting a Tugboat figure later this year.

You’ve gotta love the packaging with Shockmaster falling on his face. That alone might make it worth purchasing even at super inflated Matty prices.

Die-hard WWE fans will enjoy the ultimate tribute to the legendary Shockmaster with this Elite 6-inch figure. This limited edition figure celebrates the iconic debut of The Shockmaster at WCW Clash of the Champions XXIV. The figure is packaged in a unique way to recreate his epic fall during his television debut. 


He also comes with his entrance coat that was intended to enhance his first ever appearance. Now WWE fans have a chance to celebrate one of sports entertainment’s most talked about Superstars!

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