WWE Terry Funk Elite 41 figure review Mattel

The Hardcore Legend Terry Funk gets strong updated figure.

The Funker gets his second figure from Mattel and it’s another quality take on the legend’s storied career. In ECW, Terry Funk was cast as the wily, crazed veteran who was the measuring stick for stars like The Franchise Shane Douglas, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, The Public Enemy and Raven. Funk easily fit in with ECW’s eclectic roster as he was willing to do anything from moonsaults to encouraging a chair throwing riot to carrying a flaming branding iron to give the ECW fans their money’s worth.

My biggest qualm with this version of Funk is largely because Mattel has ignored ECW so this figure exists in a vacuum of sorts. I’m hoping this figure indicates Mattel is about to step up in a big way with the most extreme of wrestling promotions. For now, let’s break down this take on Funk.


Packaging: The packaging suggests Funk might be getting some company sooner than later. Instead of a more generic Flashback icon, Funk’s package gets a grey accent with the ECW logo. I love that little piece of individuality that adds to each figure and the grey was a smart choice for the Extreme brand.  

Funk’s bio offers a decent amount of information, but it seems a bit odd to ignore his NWA title victories and only mention his ECW title reign since he also won the ECW TV title.  

Likeness: This is an older seemingly last leg of his career Funk so the head sculpt definitely looks more aged than the previous figure. The expression has that determined ready for battle look synonymous with Funk’s ECW tenure. Funk typically wore kneepads at this point in his career and it’s weird Mattel skipped out on them as well as another item I’ll discuss later.

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WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review -side shot

Paint: Funk’s striped tights design was probably a nightmare for Mattel as sometimes less intricate paint applications have proven problematic. Mattel did a really nice job with the stripes, which is somewhat surprising considering its track record. Take for example, a strip of hair along the side that wasn’t painted.

There’s little black bleeding through and it’s really just in the inner portion of the thighs. White paint is a pain to get just right though so this is better than average. Given Funk’s balding hair, Mattel was fairly creative in simulating that look with a subtle line work.

WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review - scale shot with Bret Hart, RVD and Kevin Nash

Scale: Funk is billed at 6’1“, about regular height for a wrestler. Tommy Dreamer is 6’2″ while Rob Van Dam is 6′ Funk will be looking up at the 6’9” Kevin Nash although I’ll forgive you for wanting to forget the Old Age Outlaws vs n.W.o. black and silver era of WCW.  

WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review -facing off with nWo Kevin Nash and Bret Hart

Articulation: Funk boasts the standard Elite articulation scheme. That’s especially helpful for a guy whose finishing move was a piledriver. You can’t even get close to making that look good with the Basic body.  

WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review -piledriver to RVD

Funk has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows
  • mid-torso
  • waist
  • wrist
  • hips (hinge)
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankle

WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review - using the branding iron on Kevin Nash

Accessories: Funk delivers pretty strong in this category with one major exception — the trademark Funk U T-Shirt. The Funker understood he wasn’t in his prime physical peak at this point and stuck to wearing shirts. His shirt was one of the more popular non-nWo or Stone Cold mid-90s shirts. That’s a fairly significant omission and the one accessory I’d rather have instead of anything else that’s included.

WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review -raising the branding iron

The branding iron (you’ll have to supply your own flame) was an obvious one of course. There’s no difference between that and the original one packed with the Legends 2 figure. The headband is removable, but is a nice snug fit so you won’t have to worry about it slipping off with random movements. The gem though is the inclusion of the ECW title. I believe we’ve only seen that before with the CM Punk exclusive.

WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review - ECW title closeup

The belt has a nice metallic sheen and sharp paint details. Mattel can be somewhat inconsistent with the title paint applications. Some recent title belts have had more of a dull, washed out appearance, but this one looks appropriately shiny.

Worth it? It seems every Elite series has figures that are in high demand and others that you can pick up later for close to 50% off the $20 price. Funk’s worth the standard price, but if you’re a gambling collector, chances are good you can find him cheaper later. Right now he’s available for $18, which is a great value for this figure. I suspect his demand will increase once/whenever Mattel gets around to making more ECW era figures.  

WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review - Funk with Tommy Dreamer

Where to get it? Right now Toys R Us is the best spot to get Elite 41. Eventually I’m sure the wave will pop up at the regular spots including Target and Wal-Mart if not Gamestop, which seems to be regularly stocking the line now as well. If you’d like, you could also grab him from Amazon.com here.  

Rating: 9 out of 10

Getting an ECW Funk fully places the onus on Mattel to get more ECW era stars out. This figure is great, but he needs opposition like The Franchise, Cactus Jack, Sabu and Raven.

 WWE Elite 41 Terry Funk figure review -raising ECW title