The only real Transformers: The Movie is coming to Blu-Ray

Transformers The Movie rolls out on Blu-Ray

Ah, I would have waited an eternity for this. Try as he might, Michael Bay can only manage to make the second best Transformers movie. Despite four live-action attempts with a fifth on the way, for Transformers fans the only film worthy of the title Transformers The Movie is the 1986 version.

And finally Shout! Factory is coming to the rescue for fans of the animated classic. Transformers: The Movie is being released on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital on Sept. 30.

Transformers The Movie Blu Ray only

The film introduced fans to a new generation of Autobots and Decepticons from Hot Rod, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, Blur, Kup, Cyclonus and the planet devouring Unicron. To further legitimize the film, producer Sunbow Pictures enlisted top tier talent to provide voices including Orson Wells in his final feature film appearance; Leonard Nimoy and Judd Nelson. And that killer soundtrack, which I’m not at all ashamed to say is part of my regular playlist because clearly I’ve got the touch.


But what makes the film so memorable and hold up to this day is that amazing first half battle sequence featuring the attack on Autobot City. The Decepticons go hard in this fight and the Autobots desperately attempt to repel them with limited resources and personnel. It’s about the closest we’d come to an Empire Strikes Back version of The Transformers saga. And that doesn’t even count the Optimus Prime/Megatron battle, which remains one of my all-time favorite fight scenes.

Here’s the released product information so far for Transformers: The Movie.

2 Discs

84 min.

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Closed Caption: No

Rating: PG

You can pre-order the movie here.

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