Early Mattel WWE figure prototypes revealed

New WWE prototypes surface

The Mattel WWE prototype elves were hard at work today revealing some early glimpses of some upcoming figures.

Among the reveals were the latest round of Basic figures including Apollo Crews, Braun Strowman and updated versions of Lana and Tyler Breeze. I’m hoping Mattel will crank out Elite versions of the NXT stars faster as I want a Crews figure that can actually do some of his big moves.

On the Elite front, an Eddie Guerrero sporting a Latino World Order (LWO) shirt was revealed. I’m only conditionally interested in an LWO Eddie and that largely depends if more of the faction like Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera and La Parka eventually get released.

Mattel WWE prototype - Eddie Guerrero LWO

Additionally, we saw T-shirt Elite figures of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Hall especially looked promising. While it’s still not the classic n.W.o. red and black version we’re all waiting on, this T-shirt version sports what looks to be a fantastic head sculpt. At the peak of the n.W.o., Nash and Hall were just as likely to be running around in T-shirts so Elite versions of their iconic street gear is welcome.


The most surprising reveal was a Larry Zbyszko figure. I kinda hoped against hope Zbyszko’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame could help his chances of getting a figure made but figured it was unlikely. Shelves being filled with Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana didn’t appear to help the cause.

WWE Elite prototype Larry Zbyszko

But this figure legitimately puts me one member closer to a complete Dangerous Alliance so I am ecstatic. Given we’ve seen early debut versions of Rocky Maivia and John Cena, I continue to hold out hope Mattel will give us a Stunning Steve Austin figure.

Mattel WWE line execs have stated another Hall of Fame set was in the works so it’s possible Nash, Hall, Guerrero and Zbyszko represent some sort of Factions of WCW set. Pairing Zbyszko with three very popular characters might be the best way to help sell him. I don’t care how he’s packaged though so long as I add him to the collection.

I’m assuming we’ll see completed prototypes at San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully we’ll get some more news and some more classic tag teams.

Image Credit: Instagram user b.c.w.f