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Telltale Games reveals The Walking Dead Season 3

Third installment of Telltale Games massive hit set for the fall

One of my favorite recent game series is Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. I love the choose your own adventure style story mechanics and how heartfelt and emotional the story becomes the longer I play.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating word of Season 3 featuring the continuing adventures of Clementine. Today we got our first glimpse of one of the fall’s surefire hits.

OK, there wasn’t a ton of info in that 1:12 we saw, but it’s not like we need to be sold on the series. Both installments lay legitimate claim to being two of the best games of the current generation. There’s no reason at all to suspect a letdown of any sort.

Telltales Games provided some brief insight as to what players can expect in the next outing. One thing for certain is we won’t just be playing as Clementine. The other character in the teaser trailer is named Javier. He’s been barely surviving the walkers as well and in Clementine he’s found a kindred spirit. Telltale Games is keeping it close to the vest how the dual characters will play out.


Telltale assured fans that even series newcomers will be able to jump in and get caught up to speed. Seriously though, the previous two games are classics and are must-play so skipping them would be a bad idea. Telltale also provided this interesting note:

Those familiar with previous seasons will perhaps find some even deeper meaning, as we’ll be working to ensure save file decisions will carry over from the last two games if you’ve played them in the past.

I’m very curious to see how the decision players made at the end of Season 2 impacts the gameplay. I really hope that significant moment isn’t quickly rendered useless with a quick prologue similar to the last game. I definitely hope to see one of my favorite characters in the saga continue to be a major factor throughout this third season.

I reviewed the first game. By the time this third one comes out I should have season 2 reviewed. I could use an excuse to play it again.