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Sasha Banks announced for WWE2K17

One of the biggest complaints about WWE2K16 wasn’t about the gameplay or a missing feature. Instead it was about the missing Horsewomen. Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Bayley were hailed for revolutionizing the NXT women’s wrestling scene but were noticeably absent from the game.

Even more puzzling was 2KSports announced they weren’t going to be included in any downloadable content. So while it wasn’t likely they would be absent from WWE 2K17, 2KSports made a point to announce Sasha Banks as one of the first three names for the game. I’m stoked about using ‘The Boss’ of the WWE. Though in all honesty, I’ll probably just keep her battling the other talented NXT women’s roster and Natalya and Naomi.


The other two names announced besides Sasha are current franchise star John Cena and the other is Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior. Cena, of course is a no-brainer. The guy remains the centerpiece of the WWE and continues to be the main fan favorite even if he’s not the WWE champion. The Ultimate Warrior has been a regular in the series since being featured in WWE 2K15 edition. The Path of the Warrior DLC was one of the better character focused installments we’ve seen from the franchise.

WWE2K17 cover art John Cena, Ultimate Warrior and Sasha Banks

I’m very curious if Hulk Hogan’s exile after his controversy last year. His inclusion in the game would definitely be a good indication as it seems like the best path to gradually bring him back onscreen.

Beyond those three names we know Goldberg will be featured this year in some context. Most likely a career story mode, which definitely needs Hogan in his Hollywood Hogan persona to capture Goldberg’s biggest career achievement. In addition to new characters, I’m hoping this is finally the year 2KSports will finally add a legitimate Survivor Series match option.

More names are going to be reveal throughout the week. Going by last year it’s likely we won’t see newer stars like AJ Styles, Austin Aries or Shinsuke Nakamura. Better start your 2K18 wish list now.

Image Credit: 2KSports