Titans Rebirth #1 review – reunited and it reads so good

┬áTitans Rebirth is welcome return to form for one of DC’s top teams

In setting up the new status quo in Titans: Rebirth, writer Dan Abnett skipped the usual first issue cliches. There’s no major battle, shocking villain or surprising death. Instead, Abnett devotes 22 pages to focusing on what’s always made this collection of heroes work for decades: family.

Following threads from DC Rebirth #1 and The Flash Rebirth #1, Wally West is back in the DC Universe. After reuniting with his mentor Barry Allen, Wally hopes to reestablish his connection to his closest friends. While it might not sound the most exciting premise for the start of the new era, Titans: Rebirth may be the most fan pleasing of all the Rebirth one shots.

Geoff Johns stated in the DC Rebirth unveiling that it was important to get Titans (and Teen Titans) right. This first issue should go a long way in reassuring fans that that wasn’t an empty promise. After a severe mishandling of the franchise under the New 52 banner, this natural follow-up to Abnett’s Titans Hunt feels like a welcome homecoming to the Titans we’ve known and loved since the 80s.


Titans: Rebirth firmly sets the title up to be a major player in the Rebirth era. Wally wants to track down who stole a decade of relationships, bonds, experiences from the DC heroes and he wants to do it with his friends. Considering the source of the problem having the Titans take the lead confronting the cause of the lost decade is a welcome vote of confidence in the franchise.

Of all the books in the last 30 years, Teen Titans best embodied what it’s like striking out on your own with little but a support system in the same place. Abnett clearly gets that sense of security friendship provides in the face of an uncertain future. In that sense, this feels the most timely of the other Rebirth titles as it speaks to a generation of millennials ready to take on the world with a little help from their friends.

Brett Booth was a natural to continue on with the book. His art has a natural sense of energy and his characters have a fluid sense of movement. At times his faces veer a bit too cartoony, but that seems more due to Booth working to improve on what previously had been a noticeable weakness.

The book feature some strong costume redesigns. I really love Wally’s costume. The new look pays homage to his Kid Flash days with the open top and color arrangement while honoring his storied time as The Flash with a nearly all red ensemble. Arsenal, Aqualad, Donna Troy and Lilith’s costumes are also strong. Nightwing didn’t need a fix up because Nightwing’s outfit has always been great.

A lot of the Rebirth one-shots have been quick reads. Titans was no exception, but it felt the most comfortable and encouraging knowing the future is bright for one of DC’s premier teams.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics