Heroes for Hope uses cosplay for inspiration

Heroes for Hope kicks off children’s hospital cosplay visits

Cosplaying isn’t just for conventions. Sometimes those fantastic costumes and creativity are used to brighten a sick child’s day. Heroes for Hope wanted to do more with their cosplay talent and approached Alter Ego Comics in Lima, Ohio for a special kind of team up.

‘The goal of the group is to bring some happiness to kids and their families that are going through difficult times,’ said Marc Bowker, Alter Ego Comics owner. ‘That includes visiting sick kids in the hospital, showing up at charitable events like The March of Dimes and The American Cancer Society … basically any place that we can go bring a smile to a kid’s face.’

Heroes for Hope made their first visit at St. Rita’s Hospital recently and Bowker said the event was a blast for everyone.

‘I’ve said for years that I haven’t met a kid that doesn’t like super heroes,’ Bowker said. ‘Depending on their age, I think that seeing a two-dimensional character come to life in front of them is part of it. For other kids, I think it’s about seeing how awesome the volunteer’s costumes are and that these folks are taking time out of their busy days to spend time with them.’


Bowker said about 12 cosplayers are part of Heroes for Hope, but the team is always looking for new recruits.

‘There are two hospitals in the city that we’re based in and I’m guessing that we could visit each hospital once per quarter,’ Bowker said.

For Bowker the opportunity to help give back made Heroes for Hope so appealing.

‘In an age where everything that anyone could possibly want is available online, it’s very important for locally owned and operated small businesses to be more than just a store,’ Bowker said.

Fittingly the group’s original conversation occurred on Free Comic Book Day, which comic book stores nationwide cite as a way to get children and their families into comic books.

‘By putting together Heroes for Hope, offering a free kids craft activity every month and holding events like Free Comic Bool Day and Halloween ComicFest, Alter Ego Comics has built a community around pop culture. The support that our customers have shown us since 2005 makes it easy and fun to give back.’

If you’re in the area and have a suggestion for the next Heroes for Hope destination, stop by Alter Ego Comics at 230 N. Main Street, Lima, OH 45801 or call 888-330-6198.

Photo Credit: Marc Bowker