Superman and Batman vests make swimming safer

DC hero vests help aid the swimming process

As today marks the first official day of summer, I figured now would be the perfect time to showcase these very cool super heroic swim aids. Edge Brand has unveiled its latest round of swim aids with DC Superhero Muscle Flotation Vests. Intended to help kids gain more confidence in their swimming, the vests provide a little style to the traditionally dull orange life vests.

In addition to having one of the top movies of the year the stars of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice get spotlighted in the first round of these 2-piece 3D vests. I’m learning more and more about 3D implementation process beyond films and it’s pretty fascinating seeing its various applications.

According to Edge Brand, both are made from quality durable materials and have elastic straps for extra buoyancy and safety. There’s a three step process to children learn how to swim. The vests fall under Phase 2 in providing support while children master balance and paddling.[irp]

They definitely feel nice and sturdy without being uncomfortable. They pull over/slide on easily enough for parents/guardians and can be fastened nice and tight for a snug fit. Clearly swimming vests have gotten a lot more fashionable than when I needed them. Wonder if they’ve got them in over 40-year-old size?

Of the two, the Superman one is my favorite simply because it’s got a suggestion of Superman’s cape. For comic fans, this Superman S-shield is more of the New 52 style and not the classic, traditional style.

But for Batman fans, the Dark Knight’s flotation device looks pretty cool in its own right. I’ve gotta assume eventually we’ll see a Wonder Woman, Supergirl or even Harley Quinn future editions for young female swimmers.

The vests retail for $25. You can find them now at stores including Toys R Us or you can grab the Superman vest or the Batman vest from

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