10 WWE Flashback figures we hope debut at SDCC’16

Here’s 10 former Flashbacks we’re hoping  Mattel reveals at SDCC’16

We’re exactly one month away from the start of San Diego Comic Con 2016.  For figure collectors, this is like Christmas weekend as we’re highly anticipating the next big reveals of our favorite properties. Until the reveals, I’ve got one last chance to crank out a wishlist of what I hope to see. Today, I’m starting off with Mattel’s WWE line.

Mattel has done a fantastic job of getting most of the must-have wrestlers in its WWE line. There’s a few likely never to get WWE approval (Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Chyna), but there’s still plenty of viable stars to make for an impressive SDCC wishlist. Here’s my Top 10.

goldberg coming through the pyro

Goldberg – Mattel has typically be in the loop for major players that are resigned or will be appearing in other properties. With Goldberg featured in WWE 2K17, it’s a safe bet Mattel won’t miss out on revealing Da Man! As one of the pivotal members during the Monday Night Wars era, Goldberg’s absence from the line has become more noticeable. Hopefully this is the year we finally add Goldberg to our WCW display.

one man gang wwf

One Man Gang – Way back during the Mattycollector.com online poll, One Man Gang was one of the names up for consideration. Leaked prototype pictures revealed Mattel was probably further along with him than some others. OMG is one of the biggest (no pun intended) heels from the 80s left. Considering his high profile feuds with Hulk Hogan, Gang probably should have been released a while ago. Hopefully the delay is so Mattel can cost out making his trademark vest cloth and not the hard plastic we’ve seen on other figures.


stunning steve austin wcw

Stunning Steve Austin – When a leaked Larry Zbyszko figure prototype figure surfaced the immediate thought for some collectors was that gets us 3/5 of the way to a Dangerous Alliance. The remaining two are Bobby Eaton and Steve Austin. As much as I love the Dangerous Alliance, I’d prefer to get a Midnight Express version of Eaton first. That means Stunning Steve needs to come next. This is a figure I’ve been clamoring for with this line for years. We got smiley goofy Rocky Maivia so there’s no reason we can’t get the ponytail, sparkly robe wearing Austin. Surprisingly, Mattel hasn’t been as active capturing the many looks of Austin like Macho Man and the Ultimate Warrior. We still need a Hollywood Blondes version as well.

midnight express nwa wcw

Midnight Express – Speaking of the MX… This was one of the more revolutionary teams in wrestling history. Mattel has an interesting run of NWA/WCW tag team champions with Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard and the Road Warriors. Getting the Midnights would get the team that beat the former and lost to the latter. Mattel is starting to get most of the dominant tag teams in history and Flashback figures of the MX is essential. Figures from the 80s have not always been the strongest sellers so perhaps Mattel could make this a limited store/online retailer exclusive. I don’t care so long as get Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan.

Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz – Another essential tag team to add to the collection is those darned Dudleys. While I loved their tie-die/overalls ECW outfits, they really had their biggest moment battling Edge & Christian and The Hardys so we need that version tie dye or camo attire. Given the Dudleys’ extensive history in the WWE they should be good for at least a couple of Flashback sets. Until Matt and Jeff ditch TNA, we can get one team closer to one of the best tag team rosters in WWE history.

Steiner Brothers

The Steiner Brothers – Noticing a trend? This year we’ve gotten The Nasty Boys and The Hart Foundation, but there’s still plenty of elite tag teams that need Mattel’s Elite treatment. I desperately want a Doom and Varsity Club set, but the most physically dominating tag team of the 90s clearly need figures. It’d be nice to finally have a Scott Steiner figure that could actually do a Frankensteiner. Toss in some Michigan-esque letter jackets and we’ll have WCW’s top team all set.


Sabu – An online retailer exclusive Cactus Jack was one thing, but an ECW style Terry Funk figure officially opened the floodgates for more ECW figures. Sabu is a relatively simple figure to do besides his pants. If Mattel handles them right Sabu could easily be another often repeated figure with different colored pants. Since we’ve already got a Rob Van Dam figure and a Funk, Sabu makes the most sense as he had storied rivalries with both guys.

raven ecw

Raven – ECW’s most consistent heel, Raven was the leader of a cult spellbound by his every word. His feud with Tommy Dreamer was one of the best in the modern era. Raven had a stranglehold on ECW gold quickly after he arrived. Of the various ECW characters, Raven has one of the more unique looking attires. His figure would need the signature leather jacket, plaid wraparound shirt and ripped shorts. Raven would require more work than the average figure, but he’d be worth it for ECW fans.

Nikita Koloff – With a few major exceptions, Mattel has gotten most of the big players from the mid-80s NWA era. The Rock n Roll Express, Varsity Club, Doom and Midnights are left on the tag front, but on the singles side is one of wrestling’s biggest names in the 80s — Nikita Koloff. Since we are now definitely getting a Magnum T.A. figure now would be a perfect time to get one of his biggest rivals. Then we can start adding ‘Uncle Ivan’ to the 2017 wishlist.


Kurt Angle – This one may be a longshot, but Angle is no longer with TNA. Even if it’s just a hush hush Legends deal so we can get a figure I’ll be happy. Angle might be the biggest WWE name still that hasn’t gotten a figure. Hopefully this is the year The Olympic Gold Medalist finally gets welcomed into the Mattel WWE figure fold.

So who do you want to see?

Pictures Credit: WWE.com