Detective Comics #935 review

Detective Comics 935 begins the Bat Family battle for Gotham

The shift in making Detective Comics more of a Batman team book has already proved a smart decision. Now instead of just being another Batman title, Detective has a unique identity essentially being the Batman Family version of Teen Titans. There’s a common bond and connection between all the characters. The only wildcard is Clayface who remains a curious choice to join the team.

The family aspect is prevalent throughout. Batwoman swings by her father’s for advice, Spoiler and Red Robin discuss potential future plans while Alfred remains Batman’s father/guardian/confidante. There wasn’t a ton of action, but the issue ends with a promising cliffhanger.


I’m loving that Detective Comics reads like a Bat Boot Camp with Batwoman as the tough as nails drill sergeant. And the team’s version of the X-Men’s Danger Room was a creative and long overdue training aide.

Despite the team dynamic James Tynion IV still manages to work in some Batman and Robin scenes. This issue continues to revert Tim Drake from New 52 annoying know-it-all to one of Batman’s most trusted lieutenants.  Not to mention re-establishing the characterization that made most fans appreciate him in the first place.

Tynion does a commendable job juggling the characters and giving them all little moments throughout the issue. This is a promising group and the personality clashes and agendas feel natural. There wasn’t any forced drama, but Tynion definitely lays the groundwork for some pending problems for the group beyond Gotham’s criminals. Eddy Barrows is such a natural fit to handle the artwork. He’s best suited on titles with a lot of characters. After working on Superman and Teen Titans, Barrows’ skills continue to evolve especially with character expressions.

Making good on the book’s title, Tynion also has Batman doing some detective work in learning more about the clandestine syndicate The Colony and their plans for Gotham. Detective Comics is a book ripe with potential and seems a lock to get better and better each issue. Watching Team Batman bond over the next few months as they tangle with Gotham’s underworld should prove a fun read. 

Rating: 9 out of 10