Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corps takes aim

Umbrella Corps brings shooter chaos to Resident Evil

For those seeking a different kind of Resident Evil experience, Umbrella Corps is now available on PS4 and PC download.

You can get the third person shooter on digital download for $29.99 in North America and Europe. Considering the changes to the main game with Resident Evil 7, I’m actually a lot more interested in checking this one out.


According to Capcom, the online game features quick, intense matches in compact battle zones. Players will travel through battle zones featuring historic locations from previous Resident Evil games. So if you’ve experienced the thrill of exploring the Raccoon City Police Station, Raccoon City, the Umbrella Labs and Resident Evil 4’s Village this will be like an RE homecoming.

Umbrella Corps - Lanshiang DLCMap_screen4_png_jpgcopy

Don’t want to play as a regular grunt? Pick up the Upgrade Pack, which offers players an assortment of main Resident Evil character skins including Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker. The pack also includes weapons, patches, custom colors and emotes. The Upgrade Pack is $14.99. If you know you’re getting the Upgrade Pack, grab the Deluxe Edition of Umbrella Corps, which is discounted at $39.99. I’m not really a big fan of games immediately letting you know the game you purchase isn’t the best option.

Beyond that, Capcom will be providing free post-launch downloadable content for players. One of the first DLC maps will feature the infamous mansion from Resident Evil and Lanshiang from Resident Evil 6. Want a tougher challenge? Battle it out for supremacy in the free-for-all 4 Survivors Mode.

What do you think of the game? Is this a fun shift for the series or would you rather the series stick to what it does best?
Image Credit: Capcom

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