Wonder Woman #1 review – the new epic begins

Wonder Woman’s next epic has promising start

Not a whole lot occurs in Wonder Woman’s new post Rebirth series. Under the guidance of some writers that would be cause for concern. With Greg Rucka handling it, this is simply laying the groundwork for the pending epic to come. And you’d definitely be better off jumping on now than playing catch up later.

Wonder Woman has arrived in a land currently under siege by a warlord. She’s not there to aid her ex Steve Trevor, who’s leading a rescue mission under orders from his commander Etta Candy. To Rucka’s credit, the military operation doesn’t feel like filler. Diana is one of the most powerful people in the DC world and her involvement in an already tense situation could prove disastrous.


I really enjoyed how Rucka turned the cliché of a military commander being a hard edge jerk upside down. It was a fun twist seeing Candy treat her subordinates with respect and manners. In essence she’s the anti-Amanda Waller.

Rucka’s take on Trevor was equally strong. And having Trevor still pining for Diana probably helps make him very relatable to readers admiring their crush.

Oblivious to the conflict, Wonder Woman is seeking information and finds herself in a somewhat precarious situation. The issue doesn’t call for a lot of action, but Rucka makes Wonder Woman come across like a legit threat by warning her would-be attackers fighting her won’t end well … for them.

DCAA Live DC Universe REBIRTH - Wonder Woman panel

As she approaches her destination, Wonder Woman seeks assistance from an unlikely source. One who will be instantly familiar to Wonder Woman fans. I’m very curious to see how Rucka further develops this dynamic in subsequent issues.

Liam Sharp’s pencils range from good to great. Sharp’s artwork looks like Jim Lee’s early days on Uncanny X-Men or Todd McFarlane on Amazing Spider-Man. There’s that sense we’re watching the next breakout superstar artist gaining more and more confidence with each page.

There wasn’t a lot of major wow-inducing moments here, but Rucka is one of the better long-term storytellers in comics. He’s not dragging the story out for a trade. Instead Rucka is laying the groundwork for the next can’t miss classic Wonder Woman arc. Don’t miss out.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10