7 kneejerk reactions to Big Brother 18 premiere

Who’s going to win Big Brother 18?

Big Brother 18 is underway. I’ve been highly anticipating the return of my summer addiction since Steve pulled off the win last season. We met the 12 new houseguests and the four returning houseguests. Here’s my immediate kneejerk reactions based on the first night premiere.

1. There’s no obvious showmance

Victor looks to keep Austin’s proud tradition of stalk and cling until she stops resisting technique. Hopefully for his sake, Natalie has a more obliging twin sister stashed away. No, for the best odds to have a showmance, I’m going with Nicole and Corey assuming they survive the two-parter eviction.

Speaking of Austin, I’m hoping at some point in the season someone convinces Paul to get a beard hawk — the evolution of Austin’s pony beard.

2. No one paid attention to Season 13

After Julie revealed the four stowaway returning houseguests, the immediate response of the others was to unite to get rid of them. On the surface that sounds like a great strategy, but clearly no one peeped Porsche’s game in Season 13 under a similar scenario. Like this cast when faced with the familiar, the newbies quickly united to knock out the vets. The plan backfired almost immediately when Kathy and Porsche cozied up to the vets. It wasn’t until the great Danielle Succession from the vets that the season got interesting.

big-brother-season-18-james, da'vonne, frank and nicoleWhile Brendon and Jeff led their squad against Danielle’s group, Porsche casually stayed in the background finally choosing sides in the final stretch of the season. That strategy worked as she made it to the final 2 in the house. Porsche came up just short on a 4-3 vote.

The lesson? Despite their familiarity with the game the veterans always eventually turn on each other. Boogie did it with Janelle and Dan maneuvered Brittney out in Season 14. I could easily see James and Frank being bitter rivals or best buds while I’m struggling to see Da’Vonne’s closest ally in the house. Besides, Victor, Paulie and Corey and the biggest threats in the house thanks to their showing in the first competition. They’re the unknowns who quickly established themselves first. Nicole and Da’Vonne are hardly competition threats. James is 50/50 and Frank is at his best with his back against the wall.big-brother-season-18-new-cast-girls

3. Let’s hear it for diversity

With at least four Latinos, two African-Americans and two Latinos, this may be Big Brother’s most diverse cast yet. And it’s about dang time. Assuming the casting agents screened out any racists and other bigots we should have an enjoyable season where people are hated for their gameplay not their skin color or orientation.


4. Bridgette is the floater to beat

Assuming she can get ahold of some decaf, Bridgette is sitting pretty in the house. She’s not an obvious target like Tiffany by virtue of having her calculating sister play last season. She sounds older than 7 years old so she’s got an advantage over Bronte. She won’t attract female jealousy like Natalie when she’s strutting around in a bikini and doesn’t seem to be as aggressive a player as Michelle.

5. What was Da’Vonne thinking?!?!

I had an Ayesha Curry flashback when Da’Vonne bizarrely chose Paul over Paulie. Granted, she wasn’t around long enough to see last season fully play out, but with the first choice of all the guys in the house she chose Paul??? Even if he’s just a shield, the obvious physical threats are always the best top choice. Worse, Da’Vonne set the stage for the newbies gunning for the vets to all be on her team. My memory might be sketchy, but I can’t remember the last time two black women were in the house so it was very disappointing that Zakiyah viewed Da’Vonne as a threat instead of an obvious ally. Big Sister has too many hotheads and by the time the team gimmick ends midway through the season they might not have anyone left to play for themselves.


6. Category 4 and Team Unicorn will be battling for house supremacy

Beyond having the coolest name by far, Category 4 has a well-balanced team with no glaring weaknesses. They’ve got competitors, thinkers and schemers. Team Unicorn isn’t far behind either. They have a solid mix of competitors and they’re safe for two weeks. Natalie seems like she’s going to be a Jackie-like floater who talks about making big moves but won’t ever be able to make good on them. I’m giving Category 4 the edge to see most of its team at least make it to the Jury House.

Big Brother 18 - Category 4
credit: bigbrothernetwork.com

7. Michelle, James, Frank and Tiffany
will be in the Final 4

This is assuming the houseguests aren’t smart enough to get Frank out as soon as they take out Corey and Victor. Even then Frank will pull out Vetos as long as possible. If he partnered with fellow competitor James, they could be an unbeatable duo. If Tiffany plays the lay low card right she can follow Vanessa’s footsteps and move pawns around and keep safe. James might not have been able to win the initial competition, but he was smart enough this time to not be an early target. The longer James is in the house the more he’ll be the life of the party making houseguests less likely to put him up for eviction. Being on a strong team helps as well.

Michelle is smart enough to slyly line up allies instead of forcing alliances like Zakiyah, Paul and Jozea. Those opening night alliances rarely survive anyway. Michelle brought Tiffany to her side and has one of the game’s all-time best competitors in Frank. Based solely on the first night she’s my choice to win the whole thing.

Image Credit: CBS.com