Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s Longclaw replica

Add Jon Snow’s Longclaw to your Game of Thrones replica collection

I know, the Game of Thrones’ season finale has you down. How does 10 weeks always fly by so fast? To past the time, you can practice your swordsmanship with a replica of Jon Snow’s Longclaw.

Of all the swords on the show Longclaw is my favorite. Considering all the action it saw in last week’s episode Jon made sure it retained its top spot. Needle probably comes a close second interestingly enough.


Neptune Trading has a really sweet looking replica of Jon’s sword. Befitting any sword of the Stark clan, it’s got the Stark wolf sigil on the handle. Now if only I can find some cool faux fur and a direwolf pup hanging around somewhere…

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Longclaw

Take home a piece of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones! The 35-inch full-tang blade is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, and the hilt is wrapped in genuine leather. The Stark sigil adorns the end of the handle made from antiqued metal. A silkscreened wood display plaque featuring the Night’s Watch Oath is included.

You won’t have to wait long for Longclaw as it will be available in July.

Pre-order: Jon Snow’s Legendary Blade – Longclaw!

Looking for any more Jon Snow swag? Check out this pretty cool figure from Threezero:

Game of Thrones Jon Snow figure - main pic

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