Mattel NWA Dusty Rhodes figure revealed

First glimpse of NWA era Dusty Rhodes revealed

From the start of Mattel’s WWE Legends line, all eras of wrestling were represented. Among the first lineup was NWA versions of The Road Warriors and a 1990 era WWF Dusty Rhodes.

For longtime NWA fans, this is figure that’s been a hotly requested item. And now it looks like we’re finally getting The Dream from his days battling the Four Horsemen. Best of all no polka dots. [irp]

Shortly after Rhodes’ death, collectors questioned if this would hasten another Big Dust figure. Mattel WWE line exec Bill Mekina said an NWA version was being considered, but his death would not speed up the process any. Pictures surfaced online today with Rhodes in a special edition WCW Hall of Fame ring.

The figure sports a new head sculpt that looks to be circa 1987 era Rhodes with black kneepads and red cowboy boots. I appreciate the switch from the yellow boots of the Legends figure featuring The Dream in the black and yellow polka dots.

NWA Dusty Rhodes figure

This reveal was well timed as Rhodes’ longtime tag team partner Magnum T.A. was officially confirmed to have an Elite figure. Magnum will be released as part of a one-off Legends line. At this rate we’re a Nikita Koloff and a 1987-1988 era Barry Windham away from having all the major singles stars of the late NWA run.

The figure looks to be part of a Target exclusive ring. Included a much desired figure that will appeal to a certain collector demographic seems like a smart way to move these smaller scale rings. They tend to stick around for awhile on their own but adding a figure in should help move them.

No telling how soon the figure will take in arriving to stores. Target is pretty good about stocking their exclusive WWE product. That means it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone looking for The Dream to be able to find him.

Photo Credit: HeroesAndMartyrs

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