Time for a Big Brother penalty system

Big Brother needs punishments for racists and homophobes

Ever since the infamous Season 15, my biggest concern for every season of Big Brother is they just manage not to bring in brain donor houseguests. Specifically those who think making racist and homophobic comments are just fine.

Watch any episode of Big Brother After Dark and you’ll hear the all-seeing voice in the sky utter the familiar warning.

You are not allowed to talk about production!!

Heaven forbid the Big Brother producers get offended with the houseguests making snippy remarks about the behind the scene aspects of the show. Sadly, none of the higher ups seem to care when houseguests start showing off their racist side.

This week we got to see a completely unwanted side of Bronte. Her squeaky, childlike voice was hiding an ugly little racist who directed several awful ignorant statements about James’ heritage. I always think the houseguests who make fun of Asians are especially idiotic considering the hostess of Big Brother is Julie Chen.

So for a math whiz, Bronte sure is stupid. My initial reaction? Evict her from the house immediately. Houseguests that physically attack/threaten a houseguest are quickly shown the door. Acts of racism and homophobia shouldn’t be so casually overloooked either. Especially since those are the kind of remarks that could lead to physical violence. In their own way the Big Brother producers are enabling the racists and their ignorant viewpoints with a quick caveat that the views on the show don’t represent their views.


If anything, Big Brother thrives on the kind of good old fashioned controversy a little racism brings to the show. So instead of an immediate eviction, Big Brother needs to institute a penalty system.

Whenever a houseguests makes a racist/homophobic statement they become a Have Not for two weeks. Let them reconsider their words over slop, cold showers and a crappy bed. For the second offense, the houseguest can’t be Head of Household for three evictions or compete in the Power of Veto competition even if they’re selected.

Sounds harsh? Good. Short of screening idiots out who would so casually share these hateful and clueless statements while their every word is being recorded, stiff penalties are needed.

Big Brother should be good escapist fun, not a reminder of how screwed up the world is currently.