Street Fighter V unleashes A Shadow Falls trailer

A Shadow Falls part of cinematic story mode

Street Fighter V is a pretty epic fighting game. I already see losing countless hours playing it solo or online. This will probably be the game to get me signed up to PlayStation Plus and hanging with the cool kids. The new content, highlighted by A Shadow Falls, should pretty much seal the deal.

Capcom’s new trailer showcased the cinematic story expansion. Divided into five acts, the mode occurs between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV to help connect the events that happen between the two stories. For those who wanted more of a story from Street Fighter V, A Shadow Falls lays out the battle between M. Bison and the other Four Kings of Shadaloo and the World Warriors battling them. I’m definitely glad about this new feature. Story mode is always where other fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Injustice had an edge on Street Fighter.


The 16 main characters are naturally included, but the 6 — released and unreleased  — DLC characters will also be incorporated into the story. A Shadow Fall is free downloadable content so don’t worry about having to plunk down any more for bonus features you’d definitely want.

Additionally, the new update includes

Street Fighter 5 - A Shadow Falls - Nash

·         New stages – Balrog’s Las Vegas stage and Karin’s Kanzuki Family Private Beach stage are brand new and will be available to purchase using Fight Money or real currency. Additionally, three new alternate stage options will become available.
·         New costume options – Premium Battle Costumes for all 20 released characters, as well as Karin’s Premium Summer Costume, will be available to purchase using real currency. Balrog and Ibuki’s Story Costumes will be purchasable using either Fighter Money or real currency.
·         In-game Currency Shop – The in-game store will be upgraded with the PlayStation Store and Steam real money purchase options, for their respective platform. For players who want to purchase content like new characters, stages and costumes outright without using Fight Money, the process will be familiar with purchases happening through the established first party infrastructures.
·         Matchmaking improvements – Faster and smarter matching, resulting in higher quality matches and a better online experience overall.

Street Fighter 5 - A Shadow Falls - M. Bison

Images Credit: Capcom

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