Cody Rhodes joins Arrow, is Stardust coming with him?

Ex-WWE star Cody Rhodes to appear on CW superhero flagship

Of the modern era superstars Cody Rhodes was one that clearly deserved better in the WWE. From the moment he and brother Dustin, inducted their father, Dusty Rhodes, into the WWE Hall of Fame it was obvious this guy was special. While WWE’s creative team completely failed to grasp that leading to Rhodes’ requesting his release, he’s now targeting another role on Arrow.

This is a nice receipt as Arrow star Stephen Amell engaged in a fun storyline with Cody Rhodes’ WWE persona Stardust.


Amell did much more than the typical embarrassing celebrity wrestling appearance and took it seriously resulting in a better than expected payoff. And this amazing shirt.Amell Vs. Stardust Official Apparel  Represent - Mozilla Firefox 8242015 40117 PM

But their SummerSlam matchup wasn’t the last time these two collided, check out their most recent confrontation from Dallas Comic Con 2016.

For someone who reportedly hated that gimmick, Rhodes killed as Stardust. He would have undoubtedly been a big time player in the 80s Hulkamania era with that persona. Rhodes has often shared his love of pop culture in his ring attire. His original outfit gave a shot out to The Legend of Zelda while several of his Stardust attires included accessories based off of the X-Men’s Mr. Sinister.

Details on Rhodes’ appearance hasn’t been provided, but given his talent, it wouldn’t be that big of a shock if a cameo leads to a semi-regular role.

Arrow’s fifth season kicks off Oct. 6 on the CW. Season 4 was a very mixed bag for Arrow, but from the early reports, Season 5 sounds like it will be getting the show back to its more grounded vigilante roots. What do you think of the news? Brilliant casting or a stunt move that still hasn’t rekindled your interest in the continuing adventures of Felicity and Oliver Queen?