Sideshow Collectibles reveals Black Canary premium format figure

Black Canary gets amazing premium format treatment

I haven’t gotten pulled down the rabbit hole that is Sideshow Collectibles premium format figures yet, but that might change. Sideshow revealed its Black Canary figure and it is stunning.

Power Girl DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure

Sideshow’s sculptors have done some gorgeous female sculpts, but this has to be one of the best. Right up there with Power Girl. Black Canary has always been considered one of DC’s bombshell characters — the fishnets help — and the figure definitely does that reputation justice.

The pose is pivotal with these figures since there’s no articulation. This is Black Canary. She’s posed in a fun manner, like she just unleashed her Canary Cry and caused some massive property damage and is now hushing an opponent or Green Arrow.

I love seeing the implementation of the black leather and the fishnets. Since this costume is too risque for live-action this might be the closest we’ll see to how that would look in real life.  The details are outstanding as well. You can make out the zippers in the corset and leather jacket as well as the seams in the boots.

Shhh! It’s already too late. Prepare yourself for the earth-shattering Canary Cry! 

Clothed in her form-fitting, black leather corset and fishnets, a nod to her earliest depictions, Gotham’s favorite songbird, Black Canary, joins Sideshow’s Premium Format™ Collection. This impeccable recreation of the heroine crime fighter from DC Comics leaps right off the pages of comic books and into an exquisite figure you need to complete your collection. 

But don’t let her sultry pose fool you, Black Canary’s finely handcrafted leather jacket and gloves remind you that she is an expert motorcyclist and ready to hop on her bike at any moment to meet trouble head on. 

dc-comics-black-canary-premium-format-figure-birds of prey with Huntress tease

Click here to order the exclusive version with Wildcat fight flier. For the same price, it’s worth getting this nod to DC fans: DC Comics Black Canary DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure
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