Aquaman #2 review The Drowning part two: Full Circle

The Drowning part 2 sees the Aquaman/Black Manta rivalry go full circle

While light on plot, The Drowning part two: Full Circle delivers another exciting action packed installment of Aquaman in the post Rebirth era.

It’s hard to complain about an Aquaman book that pits Aquaman vs. Black Manta. If you’re an Aquaman fan and can find some way to be upset with the second chapter of the Drowning, it may be time to rethink your fandom.

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Black Manta continues his revenge-filled assault on the Spindrift Station embassy with Aquaman trying to prevent an all-out catastrophe. The gist of the issue is these two longtime enemies going to war in a watery backdrop.  For newcomers, writer Dan Abnett quickly sums up the basis of their feud

Aquaman issue 2 review The Drowning -variant cover

A lot of the DC Rebirth creators have avoided immediately going to the hero’s top villains to introduce new threats and opponents. Abnett went the other route and it worked. I’m curious to see where the book will go with Manta now out of the picture for the immediate future. The fallout from the Spindrift attack sets the title up in some interesting directions. Drowning part 2 starts off with some major action bits, but the other side of Aquaman — the monarch trying to deal with the surface world as a head of state — will likely play a significant role in subsequent chapters.


To accommodate the bi-weekly shipping schedule of most of the major titles, DC has multiple art teams assigned to each title. Of the various pairings, Aquaman boasts the most complimentary duo. For the second chapter of The Drowning, Scott Eaton takes the baton from Brad Walker. The transition is pretty seamless as their art styles blend nicely.

Gabe Eltaeb continues to do yeoman’s work and is the title’s early MVP. His colors pop and impressively convey that sense of movement in the water. Aquaman and The Flash are running neck and neck for most engaging coloring.

Aquaman has been a fast starter. With an action-packed opening act, the real challenge will be to see if it can keep this pace up. If so, Aquaman is going to be one of the more exciting of the Rebirth titles.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Images credit: DC Entertainment