NBA LIVE shooting for mobile dominance

Man you’ve gotta wonder if EA Sports considered delaying the launce of NBA LIVE Mobile given the flurry of free agent moves. No sport sees such a dramatic overhaul in its landscape than the NBA.

And with Kevin Durant going to the Golden State Warriors, the New York Knicks signing and Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol going to the San Antonio Spurs changes have certainly come. At least there was no concern over poster boy Russell Westbrook switching teams … at least this offseason.


You can start plugging away at all these changes now on NBA LIVE Mobile available on the App Store and Google Play. This isn’t a dumbed down version of NBA action as the game provides full 5-on-5 action.

Beyond regular play, the game includes Live Event drills, game scenarios, head-to-head matchups against fans worldwide and single-player Season mode. The latter sounds particularly interesting. Both as a way to go through massive amounts of data and a perfect way to spend otherwise idle time having fun.

NBA LIVE also includes a currency system. Win games and earn coins/reward points to enhance your squad.  EA Sports announced the game has ‘an intuitive onscreen controls that allow players to express their skill through taps and swipes, creating an entertaining, engaging and high-quality mobile basketball experience.’

Navigating the controls seems like it would be the toughest challenge with the game so I’m very curious to see if EA can pull it off.

Making the game even more tempting, it’s free to download. Can’t beat that cost. EA says the live service content will be updated year-round. How fast that translates to roster updates will be a big question especially this time of year. But for now, let’s check this out and see if it lives up to its promise. No sense in the Finals marking the end of our season.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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