Superman #2 review Son of Superman part 2

Son of Superman shows softer, personal side of superheroics

No other Rebirth book more closely embodies the long lost pre-Watchmen sense of hope and optimism than Superman. It almost feels strange to enjoy a book simply because it makes me feel good, but that’s becoming the norm with this title with its focus on Superman and his son.

Despite a complete lack of super villains and major threats, Superman has become one of my favorite DC Rebirth reads. While it’s one of the flagship titles, writer Peter J. Tomasi bets on audience caring about Superman and his family so much that the action is secondary. And with such terrific portrayals of Superman, Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent, I’m not in any huge rush for Tomasi to bring in any significant threats. Other Rebirth titles might need to constantly bring the action, but Superman is just fine showing a regular family that just so happens to have powers.


Superman takes Jon out on a routine patrol night and Jon gets a crash course in using his heat vision. It’s not at all what you’d expect from Superman, but that’s why it’s working so beautifully. I appreciated that this book gave Lois Lane more to do. Being a housewife is a boring role for her, but in this issue she’s the stable sounding board every husband needs even a Superman.

Patrick Gleeson’s art again delivers. Superman is powerful and built like he’s more powerful than a locomotive. Jon looks like a small cute little kid. Gleeson has managed to capture the childlike innocence in Jon making it easy to see him through Superman’s eyes. He might be a super kid, but he’s still Clark’s son and Tomasi explores another side to Superman — that of overprotective father.

The issue ends with the return of a familiar face to longtime Superman fans. Tomasi’s challenge will be to find some fresh approach to a Superman foe that largely has only been good one time as an antagonist. But given how the series has progressed thus far, it should be outstanding.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Entertainment