WWE Elite 44 prototypes revealed

WWE Elite 44 unveiled

We’re another week away from San Diego Comic Con, but we’re starting to get some figure reveals. Mattel’s WWE Elite 44 pictures surfaced courtesy Megalopolis.Toys with a slated August release date. The lineup features some needed figures and a couple of Flashbacks. Some are a little disappointing, but I’m definitely down to get at least three of the series.

Sasha BanksWWE-Elite-44-Sasha-Banks.

The Boss has the attire and Elite treatment I was hoping she’d get since her Basic figure’s release. Good thing I held on to the Basic figure though as the new head sculpt looks hideous. Between the new Basic Lana and the Battle Pack Charlotte, Mattel has really hit a rough patch with female head sculpts lately.

Braun StrowmanWWE-Elite-44-Braun-Strowman

The Black Sheep of The Wyatt Family is probably the best of the set. He looks appropriately massive and has his Black Sheep mask. Nothing more is needed with this guy and Mattel got his likeness down pretty well.

Big EWWE-Elite-44-Big-E

The final member of New Day arrives. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait too long to get a complete New Day. I’m not quite sure I like Big E’s headsculpt though, but his unique frame looks to be captured terrifically with this figure.

Randy Savage (Ultimate Maniacs)WWE-Elite-44-Randy-Savage

The Macho Man sports attire to match the recently released Defining Moments Ultimate Warrior in their Ultimate Maniacs gear. I didn’t think Warrior justified the Defining Moments price tag while Savage would have been a better fit assuming the attire was made in cloth. Going with the dated head sculpt doesn’t help matters either. The plastic shirt looks bulky here and I doubt I’ll be grabbing either figure.


Definitely the one I’m most looking forward to getting even if he looks way too small. Tugboat wraps up another Survivor Series team with Hulk Hogan’s 1990 Hulkamaniacs with Big Bossman and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Sin Cara

This figure hasn’t been revealed yet. Hopefully he’ll be done in a style to compliment Lucha Dragon partner Kalisto’s Elite 42 figure.

Photo Credit: Megalopolis.toys