Marvel Comics explores Cyclops’ fate in Death of X

It wasn’t Captain America and The Avengers, Spider-Man or The Hulk that got me into reading Marvel Comics. It was the X-Men. As a longtime fan of the brand I’ve been disappointed with the creative decisions namely randomly making Iceman gay and turning Cyclops into one of Marvel’s most hated characters. With the exception of Black Panther and Captain America: Sam Wilson I’ve stopped reading Marvel’s superhero titles but Death of X may suck me back in.

The biggest reason is the involvement of Charles Soule co-writing with Jeff Lemire. I’ve been a fan of Soule since his work on various Star Wars titles.  I’m curious if he and Lemire can get me back to caring about the X-Men again.


Death of X will finally address Cyclops’ fate after his extended absence following Secret Wars. In the eight months following that mega crossover Cyclops was at the forefront of a major war with the Inhumans and presumed dead.

Thankfully Death of X isn’t some long, drawn-out crossover. It’s a four issue limited series. Aaron Kuder, whose work has recently been featured in Action Comics, will be handled the art.

Death_of_X_1_Cover - Copy

The premise of the series sounds interesting. Black Bolt unleashed the Terrigen Mists that are creating new Inhumans. On the flip side, the mists are killing off mutants. And to protect mutantkind, Cyclops does something apparently pretty terrible.

‘Right now things are not good for mutantkind,’ says Jeff Lemire, speaking with Entertainment Weekly. ‘On the flipside, Inhumans have been growing and becoming more prominent in the Marvel Universe. There is a lot of tension between these characters about that…’

‘For both sides of this, it doesn’t affect just a small group of them,’continues Charles Soule. ‘It’s not just their livelihood and way of life but their very lives at stake, so they’re going to react the way you think they would.’

The burning questions will be answered here as the Inhumans and the X-Men’s untold past comes to light. But with the fuse lit, how long until this powder keg explodes? Find out this October as Soule, Lemire and Kuder bring you DEATH OF X #1!

Cyclops is my favorite X-Man so I really hated how Marvel has made him this awful evil character. One writer compared him to Hitler when referencing how the teen Cyclops is viewed by his peers. That’s pretty terrible. People complained about Captain America being a Hydra Nazi, but I’m sure my fellow Cyclops fans have been up equally frustrated with Marvel’s treatment of Cyke.

Hopefully, Soule and Lemire will begin the restoration process and make one of my favorite Marvel characters a hero once again.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics