Nightwing Rebirth #1 review

Nightwing Rebirth returns to the forefront for Grayson

Tidying up old plot threads, resetting the status quo and laying the future foundation, Nightwing Rebirth was an easy read. Dick Grayson is back in black (and blue) and ready to get back to what he does best.

Nightwing Rebirth is essentially a re-origin tale. Writer Tim Seeley puts a bow on Dick’s exploits as DC’s spy supreme in the Grayson series. This was an appreciated approach as it provided closure for fans who enjoyed that title. Grayson was so much fun that crazy as it sounds, making Dick just another Bat-themed vigilante almost seems risky.

Seeley co-wrote Grayson with Tom King so there won’t be the any rough transition with the new creative team. Seeley definitely gets Dick’s voice and he remains a source of realistic optimism in the rebuilding DC Universe.


For now, Dick says farewell to Matron Bertinelli aka The Huntress (who’s headed to Birds of Prey), The Tiger and ‘nemesister’ Midnighter. It’ll be curious to see how Seeley builds up Dick’s Nightwing supporting cast or if it will rely heavily on the Gotham crew.

A good portion of the issue has Dick hanging out with his ‘younger brother’ Damian. The Dick/Damian pairing is probably my favorite Batman and Robin dynamic so the book will never go wrong having those two consistently interacting. Batman also makes an appearance and the father/son relationship picks up without missing a beat. Nightwing might be the most obvious Rebirth title to fully embrace the concept of legacy characters as it links the past and present of Batman’s circle effortlessly.

Artist Yanick Paquette is a nice fit for Nightwing. His style is reminiscent of Madman creator Mike Allred. Paquette has an energetic style ideal for an acrobatic character. The only nitpick would be how Paquette draws eyes. The characters often look half asleep or like they’re constantly squinting.

Continuing plot threads from Robin War, Nightwing’s primary objective is dismantling the Parliament of Owls. A more widespread version of the Court of Owls, they get a shakeup of their own. With a new leader in place, the Owls may be an even greater threat to Nightwing.Nightwing Rebirth issue 1 variant cover

Like Grayson, the opponents probably won’t be as important as the personal dynamics. Nightwing is just one of those characters who thrives regardless of the situation. I’m looking forward to see where this new adventure takes him. This is a great jumping on point for Grayson readers unsure of the new direction. For longtime Nightwing fans, their hero is back in his classic identity ready to resume his mission.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics