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DC Collectibles reveals Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow figures

DC Collectibles puts spotlight on new Arrow, Flash characters

Bless DC Collectibles for feeding into my impatience awaiting San Diego Comic Con preview night next week.

DC Collectibles jumped the gun with a reveal in TV Insider showcasing figures from the various DC TV shows. I’d been resisting for awhile, but the upcoming slate has me very excited. Beyond additions to the Arrow and Flash lines, DCC is also adding Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. With the announcement of Superman coming to Supergirl in Season 2, gotta assume he’ll be a priority and further make this a must-get line.


For now, let’s break down these reveals.

I won’t stop sounding the horn for Constantine to get revived — CW still has some space on their schedule for another DC hero — right? Seeing a figure of Matt Ryan’s character keeps me hopeful we’ll someday get the payoff to the season finale. DC_Collectibles_TV_Series_Constantine

Sculpted by Chris Dahlberg; on sale May 2017

Vixen seemed to cut the line to get a figure made, but I certainly won’t complain. Her appearance in Arrow last season marked one of the year’s best episodes. Vixen will remain a fixture on the Arrowverse as she’ll be a regular on Legends of Tomorrow next season. DC_Collectibles_TV_Series_VixenSculpted by Majid Esmaeili; on sale May 2017

We only got a glimpse pf Zoom from The Flash line. Hopefully we’ll see Killer Frost, Jay Garrick and Vibe as well.DC_Collectibles_TV_Series_ZoomSculpted by Eric Sosa; on sale May 2017

Atom, Hawkgirl and Firestorm were definitely excellent first wave choices for the Legends of Tomorrow line. DCC has already made a Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Canary (albeit Sara’s black attire) so this gives us most of the team’s heavy hitters. I’m surprised Rip Hunter or Vandal Savage didn’t make the initial cut. Maybe DCC still has some surprises left for SDCC?

DC_Collectibles_TV_Series_The Atom

Sculpted by Paul Harding; on sale in 2017DC Collectibles TV_Series_FirestormSculpted by Chris Dahlberg and Paul Harding; on sale February 2017

The bigger surprise was entries in the Supergirl wave. Obviously Supergirl was a must, but Martian Manhunter was a nice surprise. Rounding out the rest of the wave sounds kinda tricky. Maybe Silver Banshee, Livewire and Red Tornado for some bad guys?DC Collectibles TV_Series_Supergirl

Sculpted by Adam Ross and James Marsano; on sale May 2017DC Collectibles TV_Series_Martian ManhunterSculpted by Dave Cortes; on sale May 2017