WWE Nasty Boys – Elite 42 figure review Mattel

Nasty Boys bring more tag team goodness to WWE Elite line

The Nasty Boys might be wrestling’s best goon tag team. They’re brawlers with hardly a trace of wrestling ability. They just go in, clobber (or clubber if you’re Dusty Rhodes) their opponents or get completely beaten down by superior opposition.

Mattel has made some smart strides with how it handles tag teams in the Elite line. So for Elite 42 we get both Jerry Sags and Brian Knobbs without having to wait to complete the team. (Cough New Day). Unlike their name, the Nasty Boys’ figures are pretty nice.

Packaging: Nothing new on this front. I don’t have anything exciting to say about the packaging job at this point. It’s still my favorite since Mattel took over the line and I doubt it can be topped soon. As Legends, the Nasty Boys get the yellow accents.

WWE Nasty Boys Elite 42 -jackets on closeup

Likeness: The Nastys would never be accused of being pretty boys and the figures reflect that. Of the two, Sags has the more fitting expression with a mid-laugh/sneer head sculpt. Knobbs has a meaner expression, which works fine, but the Nastys are two characters I wouldn’t complain about having yelling/laughing sculpts. The sculpting on their hair is really well done.

WWE Nasty Boys Elite 42 -wide shot

There’s a lot of surprising details packed into the figures. The tank tops underneath the T-shirts are actually sculpted on. The Nastys’ unique boots are faithfully done complete with wraparound chain.


WWE Nasty Boys Elite 42 - scale with Legion of Doom and The Rockers

Scale: Sags was billed at 6’3” to Knobbs’ 6’1” but the two figures are the same height. That’s due to Mattel using the same body for both Nasty Boys. While helpful on other aspects of the figures it does hurt the scale. I wish Mattel scaled Jimmy Hart down a bit. At 5’10” he shouldn’t be eye contact with the Nasty Boys. Still, that’s more of a problem with Hart than the Nastys.

The torsos are just a bit too bulky for the WWE tag title belts to fasten around their waists. You can fudge it though by having the Nastys prop them up and cradle them in their arms.

Paint: One annoying trend we’re seeing more lately is the torsos being molded in black plastic and the flesh tones painted over. Look close enough and you can see the black ‘bleeding’ through. Black paint would cover over flesh tone plastic much easier so I hope Mattel ditches this practice soon.

WWE Nasty Boys Elite 42 -tattoo closeup

Beyond the torsos, the paint on the figures is exceptional. No issues with missing paint applications or smears. The detailing on the shirts simulates the splattered paint effect perfectly. I can’t stress how important that consistency is since most collectors are going to want to buy both together. In the various times I’ve seen the Nastys on the shelf that hasn’t been a problem.

Both arm tattoos were applied solidly with no smears or fading.

Articulation: I’m not going to weight articulation too heavily with these guys. The Nastys were straight up brawlers. As long as their arm and leg articulation was solid I was going to be able to do their moves.

WWE Nasty Boys Elite 42 -Pit Stop to IRS

The shirts restrict the chest articulation somewhat. Most importantly I was able to do a convincing Pit Stop and Sags’ awful top rope elbow fall smash.

They have the regular Elite articulation:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  Mattel gave the Nasty Boys their two essential accessories — their trademark leather jackets and sunglasses. As usual the sunglasses are a mixed bag in terms of the fit. Sags’ fit fine while I had to hit a sweet spot to keep them on Knobbs for an extended period of time.

Although they ride up a bit high in the shoulder area, the jackets otherwise look good. The airbrushing on the back is clean and the sunglasses have the appropriate paint spray.

The leather jackets are made of a different material than the hard plastic shells Mattel has been using. While it’s still too restrictive for posing, I didn’t have to worry about breaking the figure from simply removing the jacket. That’s a tremendous improvement for Mattel and I hope that’s the norm for any non-cloth material going forward.

WWE Nasty Boys Elite 42 -beating down Money Inc

In most reference pictures the Nastys also wore elbow pads. While it’s not essential they would have been nice additions. It’s likely elbow pads would have created problems removing the jackets.

Worth it? Thanks to their stints in the WWF, AWA and WCW the Nasty Boys are one of the more well-traveled teams available from Mattel. Even if you’re not a fan the figures are really well done and make excellent punching bags for your top tier teams.

WWE Nasty Boys Elite 42 -showdown with LOD

Where to Get It? Target has been the main spot for Elite 42 so far. Walgreens has sporadically gotten the wave in as well. Toys R Us has been great about getting the Elite figures in, but is lagging on this set.

Rating: 9 out of 10

I knocked them down a bit for the same scale and the painted torsos, but otherwise this is the best figure versions of The Nasty Boys we’ll ever need.

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