Star Wars Rebels Season 3 brings this expanded universe character

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 introduces Empire leader

Star Wars Rebels has been a fun bridge of the Clone Wars animated series and the original trilogy. It’s proven a big hit with fans as it fills in the 19 years before Luke Skywalker’s adventures with the Rebel Alliance.

As part of Star Wars Celebration Europe, the Rebels team was on hand to share the first teaser trailer for Rebels Season 3.

While the fans were stoked for more news and reveals from the upcoming Rogue One, Rebels’ trailer didn’t disappoint either.  From the initial reveal it could be the series’ best yet.

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Longtime fan favorite General Admiral Thrawn from the expanded universe novels. I never quite got into all the various post Return of the Jedi novels, but I did enjoy Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy.


Thrawn’s inclusion into official Star Wars cannon is enough to have me excited about Rebels Season 3. Lars Mikkelsen from House of Cards will be providing Thrawn’s voice. If Thrawn is as cool as his book counterpart, Rebels could have its best villain yet.

Beyond Thrawn, Rebels Season 3 introduces Bendu, described as an ancient and powerful new character. Tom Baker of Dr. Who will be doing his voice.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 - Bendu-min

Bendu certainly looks imposing. It’ll be interesting to see as the season plays out which side he’ll choose in the galactic conflict.

Here’s a few other images:

Check out the trailer.

Star Wars Rebels 3 debuts this fall on Disney XD.

Star Wars Celebration continues through the weekend. For updates or to simply keep up with the announcements and reveals, check out Star for the livestream.

Photo Credit: Disney XD

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