Constantine Season 2: could the entire cast return?

Constantine Season 2 may happen, but will the full cast be back?

The odds for Constantine Season 2 are looking better and better. Longtime readers know I’m still beating the drums for a second season of the adventures of John Constantine.

Main star Matt Ryan has already appeared on Arrow last season. The response was so positive that the demand for more Constantine increased once again. And CW execs seemed to take notice. Heck, DC Collectibles even has a Constantine action figure coming out. [irp]

Bleeding Cool reported CW is strongly considering Constantine Season 2 based on its interest on CW Seed. If there’s enough interest on CW’s free streaming site, we may be in business. Visit CW Seed to check out all of Constantine’s first season starting with Non Est Asylum. I’m just going to keep running the 13 episodes on repeat to ensure I do my part.

But the problem with a show shuttering and the cast going their separate ways means it’s hard to reunite the gang for an encore. Prison Break ended in 2009 and it’s taken this long to get them back together for a 2017 series. The Arrested Development creators had to get real creative in shooting a season around its cast’s schedules for Season 4. That said, let’s check out the calendars of the main cast to see if they’re remotely free to reprise their roles.


Charles Halford, who played Constantine’s best friend, Chas, appears to have a fairly open schedule. He’s voicing Pub Thug Vladimir in the Tangled: Before Ever After series and appeared on a couple episodes of The Night Shift. Beyond an appearance on Last Will & Testament Inc. next year, Halford doesn’t have anything lined up. Looks like Chas would definitely be a lock to return.


Angelica Celaya, who played Constantine’s potential love interest Zed, is likewise a free agent. She’s appeared on Castle, Agent X and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, but nothing permanent. Celaya has lined up a gig on the pilot episode of The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez, but there’s no telling if ABC will pick it up. If Constantine wants its precog back, Celaya could return.


To avoid spoilers HaroldĀ Perrineau’s Manny’s relationship with Constantine is complicated.Ā Perrineau’s schedule is a bit fuller than some of his co-stars. He’s lined up for The Best Man Wedding and roles in When We Were Pirates and The Dancing Bull. He recently lined up a series role on Claws, a TV show pilot for TNT, which could cause complications if TNT moves forward with the series. Fortunately for Constantine fans, Manny doesn’t need to and probably shouldn’t show up every episode on the second season anyway.


So what about Ryan? You almost get the sense someone told him to keep his schedule free of any long-term commitments. Ryan is co-starring in The Halcyon set to air next year. But in an interesting catch, it’s an eight episode season. After that? Wide open. With a big gap for oh, I don’t know Constantine Season 2?

Bleeding Cool also reported CW is considering having Constantine as a floating character and making Ryan a series regular through the entire CW DC TV universe. It’s possible we could see Constantine on Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl over the course of the next season.

I don’t even want to consider the logistics, but having Ryan appear on Supernatural even if he couldn’t be called Constantine would be an epic crossover. We might not have to wait too long for news on this front. CW could make an announcement as early as this week during San Diego Comic Con.