Batman #3 review: I Am Gotham part 3

I Am Gotham reveals new heroes’ secrets

After a minor slipup last week, Batman is back on track with another outstanding installment of I Am Gotham.

Batman issue 3 cover

The main focus of the issue is the origin of Gotham and Gotham Girl. Writer Tom King crafts an origin that would make Geoff Johns proud/envious. By the end their motives are readily apparent. Without spoiling too much, this was a refreshing take on the mysterious new heroes suddenly showing up on the scene.

It just took one issue primarily devoted to them to really make me invested in the two new characters. But since they operate in Gotham City, there’s that sense of dread that tragedy or something horrific is lurking around the corner. That’s a credit to King to flesh out new characters so quickly and endear them to readers. It makes the arrival of a dangerous longtime DC villain that much more threatening to their chances of long, storied heroic careers.


David Finch seems rejuvenated working alongside King. He has impressively cranked out each of the three installments in this bi-weekly series with no signs of letdown. Finch’s art might never have been better. From expressions, flow of movement and panel layout, Finch’s work is clean and engaging. Finch has certainly heeded the call from DC execs on this Rebirth rollout to maintain reader interest with a shorter turnaround.

King keeps finding little things to give Batman a superspy feel. This issue was highlighted by a new trick with the Batcycle. King’s also found some ways to make familiar Batman tropes like skydiving and base jumping fun.

King has impressively tapped the deeper levels of the Batman Rogues gallery. The new threat is such a natural addition to those ranks, it’s surprising he hasn’t been overused by this point.

The final page certainly sets up an intriguing next issue. With King and Finch clicking so strongly on this collaboration, Batman continues to be a can’t miss title.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics