Batman the Telltale Series world premiere trailer

Batman the Telltale Series set to kick off in August

Batman the Telltale Series gets I’ve been eagerly awaiting news on this from the moment it was announced. Here’s our first trailer of Telltale Games’ five-part Batman video game. [irp]

The game looks to be set in Batman’s early years. Harvey Dent is still an on the rise District Attorney while Carmine Falcone is still a mover and shaker. It was good seeing Commissioner Gordon, Vickie Vale and Alfred featured prominently as well.

Batman The Telltale Series looks to take a lot of inspiration from The Dark Knight. As far as Batman inspirations go you could do a lot worse than Christopher Nolan’s epic. Telltale promised the focus would be on Bruce Wayne just as much as on Batman and the trailer definitely suggests that is still the case.

Batman The Telltale Series - Bruce and Alfred

Giving Bruce some attention is a nice departure from most Batman material. The less action heavy moments are more Telltale’s forte and Bruce can handle that just as Batman. I’m curious if decisions you make as Bruce will impact your activities as Batman. The repercussion system is something that plays out heavily in other Telltale Games and that would be a very unique way to implement it in a Batman game.

Judging by some screenshots, Telltale won’t be pulling punches on bringing a gritty and realistic feel to Gotham City.

I can’t imagine this one not being a major hit. I’m already trying to figure out the possibilities of Telltale doing a Justice League series.

The first chapter, Realm of Shadows, drops digitally in August. Once the entire series is completed, you’ll be able to purchase a physical copy at the regular retailers.