DC Icon reveals Nightwing, Catwoman, Blue and Gold, Shazam

DCC has a slew of new figures for Icons line

For everyone still on the fence about DC Icons, DC Collectibles definitely is doing it’s part to win you over. DCC has revealed upcoming figures for the Icons line and it should make classic DC fans happy.

A Jim Balent style Catwoman, classic style Deadshot, Etrigan the Demon, two-pack Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Sinestro Corps Sinestro and Nightwing? My money DCC — take it, it’s yours.

Like Deathstroke, Deadshot’s classic costume can’t be improved upon. I’m glad DCC didn’t try to do whatever Deadshot is wearing in the current DC universe.

Etrigan looks impressively massive. I’m glad to see DCC is experimenting with wider size characters relatively early on in the line. Maybe a lot of this can be reused for Kilwog or Blockbuster?

DC Icons 2 packs Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Demon and Catwoman - CopyCatwoman looks like she stepped right out of a Jim Balent comic. That’s a look a lot of fans were hoping to see in DC Classics so this was a smart choice for Catwoman’s first Icons figure.

Nightwing is perfect. No blue vs. red debate here. Give him his escrima sticks and that’s all we’ll need … besides some Titans to hang out with as well.

With Green Lantern already in the line we knew Sinestro couldn’t be far behind. While DCC doesn’t need to go overboard with the Sinestro Corps hopefully he’ll get at least a few members to join him against the Green Lanterns.

Shazam looks like he’ll compliment the Wave 2 Black Adam nicely. The head sculpt looks nice and heroic. In an interesting shift in direction, Shazam is the only post New 52 specific character among the reveals.

And now my most unexpected reveal: Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in a two-pack. The Justice League International is one of my all-time favorite teams. Blue & Gold, as they’re affectionately referred to, were the original comic book bromance. It’s perfectly fitting that they’re packed together. If DCC reveals a JLI version Rocket Red they’ll win SDCC for me.

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