Green Arrow #3 review: Enter The Ninth Circle

Green Arrow learns The Ninth Circle secrets

By this point in the DC Rebirth era some clear standouts are starting to emerge. Writer Benjamin Percy has no intention of Green Arrow avoiding Best in Class conversations. As The Ninth Circle storyline continues to unfold the destruction of Oliver Queen has never been this compelling.

Green Arrow issue 3 cover

The Ninth Circle finds Green Arrow infiltrating Queen Industries. Arrow is seeking some answers for the failed assassination attempt on his life. Elsewhere in Seattle, Black Canary is trying to honor Arrow’s memory by completing his final case. And halfway across the globe, John Diggle is getting his own insight into The Ninth Circle.


Percy sets up a very interesting concept with the group. They’re not the typical clandestine evil organization. They’re enablers in a topical sense for the chaos Green Arrow is trying to prevent. Setting Arrow, Canary and Diggle on separate agendas to take down the Ninth Circle is smart too. It allows Percy to fully explore the Circle’s reach.

For issue 3, the title unveils a new trick arrow in its quiver — artist/colorist Juan Ferreyra. With a pencil painted style, Ferreyra’s art looks amazing. Green Arrow doesn’t need to be Batman West. Ferreyra’s warmer color palette really serves to make the title more inviting and colorful. As the alternate artist on the title with Otto Schmidt, Ferreyra is exactly the kind of superstar in the making that will further help attract more eyeballs on Green Arrow.

This is a title DC definitely needs to be hyping up and promoting as it represents the best of DC Rebirth.

Green Arrow isn’t immediately being worked into the DC Cinematic Universe, but Warner Bros. execs would be well served taking a look at The Ninth Circle. Thus far it’s playing out like a big budget summer blockbuster with brains to match the thrills.

Rating: 10 out of 10