Justice League #1 review – The Extinction Machines

Extinction Machines kicks off new Justice League epic

Much improved on its Rebirth standalone, Justice League’s new ongoing series gets off to a pretty solid start. While it still doesn’t feel the DC New 52 flagship’s title like a reclaim to glory for DC’s New 52 flagship title just yet.

Justice League issue 1 cover

The issue gets off to an impressive start as Wonder Woman rides a lightning bolt to stop a war. Before she can finish disposing of the soldiers, a massive earthquake rocks the planet triggering global calamities. Responding to various threats around the world in the aftermath, the Justice League spring into attack pulling damage control until Batman discovers the source of the attack.

Following Geoff Johns’ massive Darkseid War story arc diving into another epic scale tale seems a bit challenging for readers. Granted, you don’t put the Justice League together for threats they can take out in one issue, but The Extinction Machines doesn’t seem like it’ll be done next issue.


There’s potential with this storyline, but Writer Bryan Hitch probably should have held off from yet another alien invasion. The team just finished battling a similar threat in the previous issue. I’m worried his sense of epic blockbusters will see the League facing one invasion force after another.

One area where Hitch has handled well is the indoctrination of Superman into the team. Despite resembling their teammate, half the team is reluctant to welcome this newcomer with open arms. That’s a dynamic I’d like to see play out a bit more. Given the large scale feel of the title, Hitch might not spend much time on quieter moments with the team. That would be a mistake since half the fun of the team books is watching the team members playing off each other. Besides Green Lanterns Baz and Cruz, the rest of the team isn’t face to face for any extended period of time.

Justice League issue 1 page_12-13With Jason Fabok departing the title, Tony Daniel now takes the reins on the title. Daniel is a smart choice even if he isn’t the A-list artist typically associated with the Justice League. The next generation superstar artists in the making are still honing their skills. Daniel isn’t the flashiest, most hyper-realistic or emotive artist out there. What he does provide is an artist who can cover all aspects reasonably well.

In a largely set up issue, not a whole lot happens here. Hopefully Hitch will progress the story further now the first salvo of the adversary has been launched.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics