Mezco Toyz SDCC DC Universe preview – Black Adam, Deathstroke

DC heroes and villains featured for Mezco Toyz One:12 line

More Mezco Toyz goodness from their One:12 line. This time featuring more DC Universe figures. [irp]

Black Adam’s head looks off for some reason, but otherwise it’s a nice compliment to the Shazam figure. I’ll probably ditch the cape as I prefer him to look significantly different from Shazam.

Mezco Toyz One 12 SDCC preview Black Adam

Of the set my favorite is the Red Son Superman. It looks so classy and spectacular. They really did a nice job on him.

Mezco Toyz One 12 SDCC preview Red Son Superman

Not as big a fan of Deathstroke. That’s more because I think that costume is ridiculously busy. Not a fault of Mezco.

Mezco Toyz One 12 SDCC preview Deathstroke

Arsenal looks like a quick repaint of the Green Arrow figure. It’s OK, but I wasn’t blown away by that design on Green Arrow. The vest looks just a bit oversized.

Mezco Toyz One 12 SDCC preview Arsenal

What do you all think?

Images Credit: Mezco Toyz