MEZCO Toyz SDCC preview – Spider-Man, The Joker

Mezco Toyz reveals A-list additions to One:12 line

Mezco Toyz has ambitious 2016 plans to take over your wallet. Its SDCC preview even ahead of SDCC Preview Night is already impressive. The company revealed a mix of comic and movie looks with its first three preview figures. And I’m honestly not sure which one stands out the most.

Mezco Toyz -SDCC-Preview-Night-One12 Spiderman

The detail work on the Spider-Man figure is really outstanding. I’m not sure where and how Mezco could improve on this figure. The lining on the costume is terrific and the eye slots are the ideal size. My biggest question at this point is scale. Will Spider-Man be shorter than Captain America, Daredevil and The Punisher? Everyone being the same size might be the only dealbreaker in this line for me. If scale is accounted for, I’m pretty much sold at this point.


From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes everyone’s favorite Batman variant — Knightmare Variant. This might be the best execution of that concept in this scale yet. Mezco managed to capture the look without making the jacket look too bulky. That’s not an easy task in the 6-inch scale.


Mezco Toys-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12KnightmareBatman


Finally we get The Joker. Again, Mezco masters complicated, layered costumes with ease. I appreciate them not waiting too long to bring Batman’s arch-nemesis to the line. And his figure looks great.

Mezco Toyz - SDCC-Preview-Night-One12AJoker


For Star Trek fans, there’s a pretty nifty deluxe item – the Captain’s chair. That definitely will be the centerpiece of any One: 12 Star Trek collection. I’m wondering if Mezco can find a way to crank out chairs for the rest of the bridge crew.

Mezco Toyz-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12st-CapsChair

Resisting the One: 12 line looks less and less likely at this point. And with Mezco pulling in other areas of pop culture fandom with Star Trek and Ghostbusters it’s just a matter of time before most collectors have some of the One:12 line.

Update: Mezco revealed a few more Marvel offerings:

Image Credit: Mezco Toyz

Dardevil One 12 Mezco Toyz figure -radar sense
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